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Twentysomething female entrepreneurs shake up Topanga's annual film festival with 'deeper' relaunch

On the grounds of an ornate estate in the hills of Topanga Canyon, a crowd of 100 or so film lovers is discussing a batch of selectively screened international shorts. With strands of fairy   lights twinkling in the breeze, coyotes howling in the distance and frogs making mating calls (loudly) in the nearby creek, it's easy to forget that the cityscape of downtown Los Angeles is just a 40-minute drive away. 

A different way to experience John Adams' music: Sitting onstage, next to the musicians

John Adams  turned 70 on Wednesday. His publisher, Boosey & Hawkes, indicated there were no performances of his work that evening. Perhaps the world wanted to give him a break among the more than 500 performances he is getting this season.

'Come From Away,' 'Amélie' and the long, bumpy road from West Coast to Broadway

“New musicals are never finished, only abandoned,” director Christopher Ashley quipped by phone a few days before flying to New York for the start of rehearsals for “Come From Away,” the musical with an upbeat 9/11 (yes, you read that right) story to tell.

Roosevelt's signed Executive Order 9066 on Japanese American internment to go on view in L.A.

You are young, say, 10 years old, and you live in downtown Los Angeles near the intersection of East 1st and South San Pedro streets. You were born in this neighborhood, a three-mile radius that houses the largest Japanese American community in the U.S.   You play stickball in the streets and walk your dog along the cracked, uneven sidewalks. It is home.

Keith Krumwiede's satirical jolt for the earnest world of architecture publishing

My desk at The Times, like the one in my home office, is shadowed by an ever-growing pile of new architecture books. Many (if not most) are monographs that closely follow the self-promotional formula of that genre: Here are some lavish photographs of one firm’s work! Here are some essays praising that work!

Activist Artist Dread Scott On Why We Need A Revolution

"You need to get rid of a system and economy that are based on exploitation if you want to get rid of exploitation."

Here's How Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Make History If He Wins An Oscar

"I think once you start trying to win awards, you immediately stop winning them."

How Today's Heartland Fiction Can Break Us Out Of Our Bubbles

And how it grapples with a nonexistent idyllic past.

Artist Addresses The Racist History Of Photographing Men Of Color

"Men of color historically were not granted the opportunity to appear sympathetic in portraits."

The world through Wolfgang Tillmans' lens

For nearly 30 years, the prolific, German-born photographer has moved across forms, themes and practices. Now a selection of his vast body of work is showcased for the first time in London's Tate Modern museum.

Stowaway artists turn ocean life into art

The vast container ships that line the deep waters of Hong Kong share a ponderous beauty as they make their way across one of the world's busiest harbors.

A brief history of art and eroticism

Erotic art has become an expression of the visceral, vital, subconscious power that we call desire, of which sexuality is merely one of many manifestations.

Viral #ShePersisted Artist Hopes To Remind Women They Are Not Alone

Artist Courtney Privett made a drawing with her daughters in mind. To her surprise, it resonated with women around the world.

Tarot Readers Describe How Their Clients Have Changed Since The Election

At a time of uncertainty, both personally and politically, spiritual sources of comfort can come in handy.

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