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23 Recent Books By Women You Should Read ASAP

The perfect literary way to celebrate Women's History Month.

Muslim Artist's Dreamy Nude Self-Portraits Show The Power Of Self-Love

“I think I’ve spent like 90% of my life trying to accept that I’m a female and that’s OK."

Musicians From Countries Affected By Trump’s Travel Ban Fight Back At SXSW

Faarrow and Bassel & The Supernaturals will participate in the show, which will include music ranging from traditional to futuristic.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie On 'Americanah' Winning One Book, One New York

"I like to think that one of the many things that literature can do is that it gives us entry into subjects that might be difficult to talk about."

How Pussy Hats Are Making Their Way Into Museums Around The World

The knitwear became a symbol of marches around the globe.

Joan Didion’s New Book Explores The Bubble Of The American South

In "South and West," the essayist took notes on isolation and conservative mores.

18 Great Books To Read Based On The New TV You're Binge-Watching

Pages to turn when you're tired of scrolling.

Behind The Tutus, Ballet Is A Boys' Club. This Ballerina Wants To Fix That.

The ballerina may be the visual symbol of the art form, but men wield most of the creative control.

Photographer Spent 25 Years Documenting Our Absurd Obsession With Wealth

Lauren Greenfield documents how reality TV, social media and Trump changed American values.

Controversial Artist Stages Fake Shipwreck, Sells 'Treasures' For Millions

Damien Hirst's new show features "recovered" sculptures poised to sell for up to $5 million.

101 Portraits Tell The Stories Of People Who Survived Gun Violence In America

Photographer Kathy Shorr sees her portrait series as a non-partisan foil to the polarizing shouting matches on the subject of gun violence.

To Make Women’s Stories Prestige TV, Just Add A Murder Plot

“Big Little Lies” is an honest portrayal of domestic abuse that also happens to be a thriller.

New Novel Captures The Pleasures And Perils Of Female Friendship

"Marlena" is a vivid portrait of a friendship between two teen girls in a troubled community that captures the heartaches of adolescence.

For 30 Years, A Son Chronicled His Mom's Heartbreaking Struggle With Cigarettes

What began as a warning to others about the dangers of smoking turned into a tender collaboration between a parent and her child.

Is It Time We Designed A New Peace Sign?

Give peace a chance... and a new logo?

Witches Explain How To Take On Political Power With Occult Magic

“If we want things to change it’s time to do the work. That’s the good thing about witches is, they work.”

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