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School brings hope to child slaves in India

In a rural part of India where bonded labor is common, a school is showing children what freedom can be.

North Korea fires four ballistic missiles

North Korea fired four ballistic missiles almost 1,000 kilometers towards the Sea of Japan early Monday, in what Japan's leader described as "an extremely dangerous action."

China: HK independence call will lead nowhere

Li Keqiang, China's second highest-ranking politician, criticized calls for Hong Kong independence in a speech to Chinese parliament Sunday.

MH370 families plan private search for missing plane

The families of those aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have launched a campaign to privately fund a search for the aircraft, which disappeared nearly three years ago.

Malaysia to kick out North Korean envoy in fallout over Kim Jong Nam death

Malaysia declares the North Korean ambassador "persona non grata" and plans to expel him from the country in 48 hours, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

No tears left to cry: Voices from inside Duterte's Davao

Clarita Alia doesn't look like she has many tears left. Her eyes tell the story of a life filled with grief. Alia is frail, depleted, and seems much older than her 63 years.

Race to be Hong Kong's next leader kicks off

Hong Kong is getting closer to knowing who will be its next leader.

Ani Choying Drolma: Nepal's rock star nun

Ani Choying Drolma was not stabbed as a teenager by her Tibetan sculptor father in one of his many fits of rage.

Linda Burney: Australia's first Aboriginal woman in parliament

Australia's first Aboriginal woman elected to the House of Representatives, Linda Burney, has spent her life overcoming prejudice.

China: Smallest military spend hike in 7 years

China on Saturday announced a 7% rise in annual military spending, the smallest increase in seven years.

China considers baby bonus for second child

The Chinese government may consider giving families financial incentives for second children, in a bid to encourage its fresh second-child policy and boost the country's lagging birth rate.

Refugees who sheltered Snowden now live in fear

Three asylum seeker families who sheltered US whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 say they are living in fear because of reports that Sri Lankan police officials have been in Hong Kong trying to search for them.

Chinese feminists take on Donald Trump... and get censored

A gag order on a prominent feminist social media account has caused strong dissatisfaction among Chinese feminists. Deprived of the rights to demonstrate publicly, they are struggling to push back.

Hong Kong's hidden human trafficking

A Pakistani man says he was made to work unpaid at a Hong Kong cell phone store for four years. His case could change how Hong Kong deals with human trafficking.

'We The Workers': On the front lines of China's record-level labor unrest

New documentary shows how NGOs and activists are helping Chinese workers fight for their rights amid an intense government crackdown.

Will Trump force China to take lead on climate?

Ma Jun, perhaps China's best-known environmentalist, thinks US President Donald Trump needs to visit China.

The day of Trump toilets and condoms in China may have just ended. Here's why that's controversial

China's decision to grant trademark protection to the "Trump" name has ignited controversy, with Democratic lawmakers and ethics lawyers questioning whether the president improperly benefits.

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