Regina Restaurant Week highlights downtown eateries

Some restaurants in downtown Regina are offering 3-course specials for Regina Restaurant week.

Regina's downtown is booming with restaurants and they're offering special menus for Regina Restaurant week. 

"We've welcomed many new restaurants to downtown over the past few years, and a number of our existing restaurants have revamped their buildings and their menus," said Judith Veresuk, Executive Director with Regina Downtown Business Improvement District. 

Twelve participating restaurants are offering special three-course menus for the occasion, mostly priced at $35 per person, with a few exceptions. CBC's The Morning Edition joined a three-restaurant tour for the occasion, beginning with an appetizer at the Fat Badger on the F.W. Hill pedestrian mall on Scarth Street.

The Fat Badger

"What you have in front of you is a Lake Diefenbaker Steelhead Trout cake, sat on a ponzu-wilted spinach with a lemon and dill beurre-blanc and a little bit of fresh chives on top," said chef Terry Selinger, adding that the bar doesn't have deep-fryers in its kitchen, so each of the cakes are pan-fried with shallots. "We're trying to use restaurant week as a vessel to show off that despite the fact that we are a pub, we're a boozer downtown, we make great food. Everything is from scratch and we're trying to change what pub food is."

Two women at the next table testing the Regina Restaurant Week menu were impressed with the food at the pub. 

"It's awesome. Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, falls off the bone, it's great," said Janell Rempel of the chocolate beef short ribs entrée in front of her. She finished that, and went on to describe the dessert after testing it out. 

"It's a sticky-toffee pudding with this creamy sort of drizzle over it, and there's cake underneath," she said of the dessert. "I thought that I was full after the main course. This is just worth continuing to eat."

The Capitol

The tour continued at The Capitol on Hamilton Street. 

Chef Joel Williams served a Montreal mac and cheese dish for the entrée, which he said is a new item expected on its new menu beginning next week.

"So it's maple syrup drizzled over pork belly, aged white cheddar cream sauce with your mac noodles, topped with a little bit of ciabatta crisps and baked," he said. The Capitol's Restaurant Week menu begins with a shrimp confit, and ends with a staple dessert, Williams says, in its salted caramel chocolate pot. "That's our dulce de leche chocolate mousse topped with a little bit of fresh fruit." 

Copper Kettle

Back on Scarth Street and Victoria Avenue, Aman Karovalia described the Copper Kettle's restaurant week menu, which includes a few choices for each course: a pear and walnut salad, bacon and feta flatbread or Mediterranean shrimp cocktail to start. Entrées include a honey-seared chicken, raspberry back ribs or crusted salmon, and for dessert there's house-made baklava or a roasted coconut and banana cheesecake served on a pecan crust.

"Destiny [Slobodian], our General Manager is also an excellent chef, and what she decided is not to give people options from the ordinary menu, but prepare something out of her talent and what Greek food is all about," he said. "For appetizers I would absolutely choose our Mediterranean shrimp cocktail. And for entrées, I would choose everything, because everything is amazing, but my personal choice was crusted salmon. And dessert-- absolutely house-made baklava, because it's house-made and everything is fresh. We make it every alternate day, so it's fresh again."

Regina Restaurant Week continues at participating downtown restaurants until February 4. 

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