Bachelor fans not as silly as Channel Ten think

BACHELOR fans were quick to call Channel TEN’s bluff when the network aired a promo of next week’s mystery “intruder” at

Matty ‘J’ Johnson’s sister, Kate Clifton, was instantly identified by viewers when a teaser showing Clifton poking her head round the door of the Bachelor mansion went to air.

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Matt Johnson and his sister Kate Clifton, who has been identified as The Bachelor’s ‘mystery’ intruder. Picture: Jonathan NgSource:News Corp Australia

Called into the show to evaluate Johnson’s love interests, it is understood his sister makes shockwaves in the house when she reveals the sordid past of one contestant — which ultimately leads to the woman’s elimination from the competition.

Johnson has spoken before about his close relationship with his elder sister and the importance her opinion holds.

During her appearance on The Bachelorette last year, Clifton copped criticism for grilling Georgia Love about her intentions to start a family with her brother — and more specifically — exactly when that would occur.

When Love stated kids weren’t in her immediate future, Clifton asked whether she would be “willing to compromise on that,” because “Matty’s really eager.”

She pressed the issue further, explaining she wanted her baby George to have a cousin close to his age. When Love countered with the claim, “well, I didn’t have cousins my age and I turned out okay!” Clifton could be seen noticeably mumbling under her breath, causing fans to criticise her “baby-shaming” on social media.

Clifton is set to bring an equally foreboding presence when she returns to screens on The Bachelor and takes six “lucky” ladies on a high-strung group date to a childcare centre where they are set the task of helping children make volcanoes.

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