Cindy Crawford Interviews Her Model Daughter Kaia Gerber

The iconic fashion figure and her teenager sit down to chat about their careers and how they mimic each other

While Kaia Gerber follows in model mom Cindy Crawford's footsteps, it's Cindy's turn to catch up with the teenage beauty. 

In a new series for Teen Vogue, the catwalk mother-daughter duo sat down for an interview, except Cindy was the one asking the questions of the fashionable 14-year-old. 

"You're so much more confident than I was! I didn't start modeling until I was nearly 17," the iconic supermodel told her only daughter. "You have a sense of what feels right for you. I don't worry about you staying true to yourself."

However, the teenager has had quite the role model to look up to. "I've watched you be nothing but kind to everyone on set, from the photographer to the caterer," Kaia told Cindy. "I'm excited you understand what I've done most of my life. I look back and appreciate it all—traveling, connecting with people through photography. You're having fun but also learning that it's hard work!" the 50-year-old stunner replied. 

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