You won’t need live bait anymore with this invention

In the world of sport fishing, live bait, that is using a small, live fish, is the best and most effective way to be

Anglers want live bait to catch as much as you can out there.

But it’s not always easy to snag a small, live fish, is it?

Help is on the way from Boston based startup Magurobotics: Zombait.

A play on the words “zombie” and “bait,” this newfangled tool is a robotic fishing lure which makes dead bait look alive and swimming.

Just insert a Zombait electronic lure into the mouth of a dead fish, attach your hook, and watch it go.

Magurobotics launched the device at the fishing expo ICAST in Orlando, in July and in the same week, opened its online store The thing sold out in five weeks, says Matthew F. Borowski, founder of Magurobotics.

“We have put computers in dead fish, what is better than that?” he said of the waterproof, rechargeable products that are able to reach a depth of 200 feet.

See for yourself how Zombait works when it is featured at 10 p.m. on the Oct. 24 episode of CNBC’s “Adventure Capitalists,” also known as “Shark Tank for Outdoor Products.”

Four celebrity investors will take Zombait out fishing and put it to the test. The segment was filmed in Sanibel.

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