Roxy Jacenko: ‘I don’t starve myself’

AFTER losing 12kg in 12 months following her cancer diagnosis last year, Sydney publicist Roxy Jacenko says she’s not

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AFTER losing 12kg in 12 months following her cancer diagnosis last year, Sydney publicist Roxy Jacenko says she’s not starving herself — despite criticism of her treatless diet.

Jacenko, who is mother to Pixie, 5, and Hunter, 3,

revealed earlier this month her strict eating plan contained little more than a coffee, sushi, a piece of fruit and a slice of vegemite toast.

But despite criticism, the 37-year-old said she’s happier than ever about her body — and she now likes the way she looks.

“I needed to change the way I looked after myself,” Jacenko told

“I was lazy with my health. Then when I got cancer ... it wasn’t an option — I had to start (going to) the gym.”

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Roxy Jacenko in 2008 when she was 12 kilos heavier. Source: Contour by Getty Images

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PR Queen Roxy Jacenko has dropped 12 kilos in 12 months. Picture: NigelL Hallett. Source: News Corp Australia

Jacenko said she will never do cardio, and has no desire to be fit. For the PR queen, her exercise and diet regimen is all for the aesthetics.

“I originally started at 98 Riley St [gym] doing three days a week, then when we moved offices to Paddington I went to Flow Athletic,” she said.

“I don’t want to do cardio, I want to do weights. I’m not interested in being the fittest person. I want to be ripped, and I want a four-pack. I get that with the training I do, and I like that.”

Jacenko’s current workout regimen involves a 45 minute weight-based workout three times a week, followed by a higher intensity circuit style class twice a week at F45.

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Roxy Jacenko Instagram posts. Source: Supplied

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Roxy Jacenko Instagram posts. Source: Supplied

But despite her current discipline to maintaining a ripped physique, Jacenko’s eating habits haven’t always been as strict as they are today.

“I was having pasta, I’d order dumplings, I’d have a burger or a bagel,” she said.

“I didn’t exercise ... in my mind at the time I thought ‘I can make more money sitting at my desk than I can at the gym’.

Working lunch with my Gracie @gracegarrick - calls for @youfoodz #youfoodz #sp

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“But I had to change my eating [during radiation] so I started eating sushi ... I’ve just continued it.

“I am very disciplined ... and I’m very careful with what I eat ... but I don’t starve myself, I just don’t eat for the sake of eating.

“But when you feel good, you’re healthy, you’ve got energy and you don’t have to sit in the car and undo you top button of your jeans — I’m very happy to carry on with sushi.

Jacenko said she also avoids “anything fattening” in order to manage her weight, and very rarely has a cheat meal.

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‘I play to win everything’. Picture: Instagram. Source: Instagram

Jacenko, who is also an ambassador for Natural cleaning-product manufacturer ENJO, says she has not received any professional nutrition advice, and that she’s treated her health in the last 12 months like she did when she first started building her business.

“My business could’ve succeeded or failed, but it succeeded,” she said of her PR agency, Sweaty Betty.

“If I start something, I do it until I win. And it’s the same as this [weight loss]. I play to win everything.”

“But it was almost like I needed that cancer diagnosis to wake me up.”

Always dreamt of my own hair and make up room and then got one built!! @lamondprojects | hair by @carlyvandermeerhair

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Jacenko, who has a fully functioning hair and

makeup studio in her Paddington office

, says she does little in the way of skincare — aside from a once-a-month ‘Hollywood facial’.

“I am very lazy when it comes to skincare,” she said.

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Roxy will get a peel once a month, but usually washes her face with water and uses moisturiser. Source: Instagram

“Usually, I throw some water on my face and hope for the best ... I never use any product, but I do use the Sante by Enjo. Because I wear a full face of makeup,

it removes the product with just water.

“Aside form that, I just bleach my hair and put a lot in my lips ... and a bit of moisturiser.”

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