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14 People Share What's It's Really Like to Have An Ex Who Is Now Their In-Law

"I now have a house and kids with her little sister, and I feel horrible about everything."

The Internet Is Freaking Out About The Way This Chef Cuts Pizza

Have you ever seen someone do this before?

Quiet rooms for autistic children popping up at airports

Quiet rooms for children on the autism spectrum are popping up at airports.

Celebrated chef Vikram Vij relates story of hard work, risk-taking in new memoir

Vikram Vij never dreamed he would become an acclaimed chef in his adopted homeland, or that he would own a culinary empire by the age of 50.

8 Hair Myths That You Should Just Forget Already

Many of us will go to great lengths to keep our hair on point. But could some of your every-day habits ― like washing and styling ― actually be hurting y...

New Canadian Law Bans Mandatory High Heels At Work

Talk about putting their best foot forward.

Rescuers Who Found Young Girl In Indian Forest Deny Monkey Claims (UPDATE)

Local news outlets have dubbed her "Girl Mowgli."

Boutique eyewear retailers see potential for growth in Canada

Boutique eyewear retailers from around the world have set their sights on Canada as a hotbed for growth, hoping to capitalize on the country's aging population and what they say is its taste for haute couture.

B.C. bans employers from requiring high heels

The British Columbia government has banned mandatory high heels in the workplace in a move to address 'discriminatory' dress codes.

Dutch clog-makers hoping to put a stamp on the future

Just decades ago there were thousands. Now only about 30 Dutch clog-makers remain, fighting to save a dying craft with the wooden shoes more often found today as fridge-magnets rather than footwear.

Airlines in U.S. get better grades across the board

The airlines are getting better at sticking to their schedules and are losing fewer bags. Their customers seem to be complaining less often.

New museum reveals Italy's power of poo

It may pong, but Italy's poo museum has the whiff of success about it: here in Castelbosco, farmers are transforming sloppy cowpats into plates you can eat off.

Are baby boomers too old to ski? Probably not.

Older folks are staying on the slopes, thanks to advances in equipment and better grooming on resort mountains.

With allergy season around the corner, educate yourself now

Tips to ease the misery through diet and household habits.

Butter or olive oil? Eggs or no? New nutritional review cuts through the myths.

A panel of physicians and researchers sought to pin down the facts on heart health.

Every traveler’s eternal question: ‘It’s 2017, why don’t we have WiFi on all planes?’

Travelers fret about WiFi, but it might be about to get better.

These activists want greater home-school monitoring. Parent groups say no way.

In the home-schooling world, a battle heats up over how much oversight is necessary.

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