Dani Stevens’ fearless finals prediction

DANI Stevens could tell it on her face.

Two months after finishing a heartbreaking fourth at the Rio Olympic Games, the Australian discus champion decided enough time had passed and she had to sit down and watch footage from the event.

It confirmed what she’d thought had happened.

“I have learned a lot off the final in Rio,” Stevens said after qualifying for the world championships final (held on Monday morning AEST).

“I went back and had a look at the footage and in the qualifying, that was really, really tough but you can kind of see it on my face I was determined, you would have guessed that I was going to do it then.

“Then in the final, it was a tough schedule, but looking back at the footage I was red in the face, you could see it on my face that I was throwing out of fear not out of aggression or happiness and those things that work for me.

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Australia's Dani Stevens competes in the women's discus qualifiers.Source:AFP

“I made it my mission this year not to throw out of fear of fouling or failing.

“We do it because we love it, we love a challenge and we choose to do this and that’s something you have to keep remembering when you get to these big pressure situations, to just enjoy my throwing.”

The new motto certainly worked in qualifying with Stevens automatically qualifying for the final with her first throw, an impressive 65.56m.

And it was a good omen for the reigning Commonwealth champion.

The last time Stevens threw an automatic qualifying throw on her first attempt was at the 2009 world championships in Berlin where she won the gold medal.

“It’s always the dream doing it on your fist round throw in qualifying, so I am stoked it was a decent throw as well,” she said.

“I was pretty nervous as I was going in there but it is great, I’m in the final.

“I think the only other time I have done it on my first throw was in Berlin (in 2009). I think it was a 62 auto then so I am really happy.

“The fact that (Yaime) Perez came out and threw 65 I thought right and it kind of got me geed up a bit.”

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