Female officer has hair torn out

A POLICEWOMAN had chunks of hair torn from her scalp during a vicious attack in Alice Springs, just days after a

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A policewoman had chunks of hair torn from her scalp during a vicious attack

The latest alleged assault comes amid repeated calls for mandatory jail time for attacks on police.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Danny Bacon said police were speaking to a driver when the two alleged attackers moved towards them, one yelling loudly, shortly after 2am on Saturday.

“She was directed to move away, before she smashed a bottle of alcohol,” he said.

The police officer’s injuries came during a struggle to arrest the women.

“While being arrested, the women allegedly grabbed the female officer, dropping her to the ground. During a struggle, the officer has received head and facial injuries.”

The NT News understands the officer’s injuries included hair torn from her scalp and deep fingernail scratches to her face.

She was taken to Alice Springs Hospital for treatment.

Assistant Commissioner Bacon said: “This is the third time this week officers have been injured while on the job. Violence should not be inflicted upon anyone in their workplace – especially those who are there to protect and keep Territorians safe.”

The women, aged 21 and 22, are understood to be town camp residents, a source said.

The 21-year-old was allegedly carrying a weapon when first spotted by police.

In a statement, police said the women were likely to be charged.

The violent attack comes less than a day after four men were arrested and charged over a police assault on Tuesday, during which two officers were pelted with rocks at Larapinta town camp.

An apparent recent rise in attacks on police has prompted calls from the NT Police Association for tougher penalties on those who attack officers, a position which the NT News understands has virtually unanimous support from rank-and-file officers.

Mandatory jail penalties are opposed by the Criminal Lawyers Association of the NT, which argues judges should be given discretion in sentencing.

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