‘It was steaming and he’s woken up screaming’

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A FURIOUS mother claims Virgin staff spilt boiling water on her five-year-old son mid-flight and then had no idea how to

The boy is said to be recovering from second-degree burns to his leg after boiling water was allegedly accidentally spilt on him during the flight.

The mother of the boy, 5, told Channel Nine that the Virgin Australia cabin crew did not provide her son with proper first aid.

However Virgin Australia said its crew followed company procedure.

The disturbing incident occurred on a flight from Brisbane to Perth on August 10.

The boy Matthew Gibson was on the flight with his family when a flight attendant allegedly accidentally spilt a hot cup off noodles onto him, his mother Jasmine Davis claimed.

Virgin has denied its staff was at fault.

“It was steaming and he’s woken up just like screaming and I knew just knew instantly (I have) taken his pants off because I need to see what had happened,” Jasmine Davis told Channel Nine.

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The family of Matthew Gibson said Virgin Australia's cabin crew did not adequately treat his burns. Picture: Channel Nine.Source:Supplied

Ms Davis claimed none of the staff on board knew how to adequately treat injuries to a young child.

“To begin with, for the first half an hour nobody actually got a light or anything to have a look so they were pouring the freezing cold water from the fridge over his leg, but nothing was hitting where it was burnt underneath, so he’s screaming.”

Ms Davis said Virgin staff then put ice in a cloth and wet flannels on the burns.

Ms Davis said she requested burn gel or child pain killers mid-flight for her son but they were not available.

Paramedics then dealt with the injury once the plane landed in Perth.

“I’m still shocked that they said I could give him half of an adult aspirin, because I was in such a bad state of mind, trying to soothe my mind, I actually considered it for a second. I didn’t do it, because I was like, ‘no he’ll have a heart attack’,” Ms Davis said.

Virgin Australia told Channel Nine its crew responded to the incident in accordance with their medical training and safety procedures.

The airline said it would refund the family’s flights and cover the cost of the ambulance.

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