Meatless main course salad recipes

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6 salad recipes built to satisfy (that also happen to be meatless).

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Salad for lunch or dinner doesn’t have to be boring. Here are six recipes from our archives with loads of flavor and textures that are guaranteed to keep things interesting.

Charred Fig and Spinach Salad With Lemon Tofu Feta. Summery and light. The tofu “feta” is a versatile idea to keep in your back pocket.

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Warm Brown Rice and Chickpea Salad With Cherries. With a sweet-tart balance from cherries. You can use dried cherries if you can’t find fresh; also consider plums, nectarines or apricots.

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Black Lentil Salad With Tzatziki, Avocado and Pea Shoots. Light-tasting yet satisfying. If you can’t find pea shoots, use whatever leafy green that strikes your fancy.

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Smoked Tofu Salad. You can make a tasty vegetarian version of chicken salad with baked and/or smoked tofu. This one has scallions, mayo and rice vinegar, with an extra boost of smoky flavor from smoked paprika.

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Kale and Cucumber Salad With Avocado-Tahini Dressing. Come for the salad, stay for the dressing. You’ll have some leftover — use it as a dip or stir it into a pasta or rice salad.

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Roasted Zucchini, Potato and Burrata Salad. This salad has a balance of textures and flavors. Best of all, you don’t need to make a dressing; drizzles of olive oil and vinegar are all it needs.

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