‘So awkward’: Hayne told to ‘stop the crap’

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RUGBY league greats have lined up to slam Jarryd Hayne, suggesting the NSW star’s time on the Gold Coast may be up.

After last week’s humiliating 54-0 loss to Brisbane the Titans were again put to the sword, this time by St George who thrashed them 42-16 on Saturday afternoon. The club’s disappointing season — it sits third from bottom on the ladder after making the finals last year — has heaped pressure on coach Neil Henry and raised questions about how Hayne fits in on the glitter strip.

Former Queensland centre Justin Hodges, ex-NSW hooker Michael Ennis and Penrith legend Greg Alexander all suggested Hayne and the Titans may be better off parting ways if the representative star can’t rediscover the form that made him one of the game’s most entertaining players.

Hayne is contracted to the Titans until the end of 2018 on a deal worth a reported $1.2 million a season, but their comments come at the same time Hayne sensationally said he would quit the club if Henry didn’t want him there.

Former NRL enforcer Mark “Spud” Carroll said Hayne should never have made such a statement and isn’t earning his pay cheque.

“It disappoints me he’d come out and say a comment like that,” Carroll told Fox Sports. “Dead set, on the open market, he would not get the money he’s on now. That’s for players who are absolute superstars.”

“To be on that crazy money … that needs to be players like JT (Johnathan Thurston) and Cameron Smith.

“I don’t think he (Hayne) is earning it (his pay packet), no way in the world … It’s got to be each day, it can’t be one week in, one week out.”

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It’s rocks or diamonds with Hayne these days.Source:Getty Images

Ex-NSW skipper Brad Fittler agreed with Carroll as Channel Nine presenter James Bracey called the friction between Hayne and the Titans “so awkward”.

“He’s hard, he’s a hard one. There’s no one answer for that,” Fittler said on The Sunday Footy Show when asked how you motivate Hayne.

“The way he prepared to play NFL, when he puts his mind to something it looks like he can pretty much do anything. God knows (if he gets bored).

“The one thing he’s got to do is stop the sort of crap he tossed up then (saying he’ll quit), speaking publicly like he needs to respond to all these things about whether he should be at the Titans.

“Neil Henry’s within his rights to say $1.2 million hurts your salary cap, and at the moment Jarryd’s not living up to the money they’re giving him.”

Hodges said Hayne’s leadership has been poor.

“For me it’s quite simple ... if he can’t contribute to the club in terms of bringing those young kids through — Ash Taylor, (Kane) Elgey — then there’s no point having him,” Hodges told Fox Sports.

“Since he’s been there since day one he’s been infectious. He hasn’t tried to help people better themselves, he hasn’t been a leader.

“He’s such a wonderful player when he gets his game right, but if he’s not doing those little things around the club he’s got to go.”

Newcastle legend Matthew Johns slammed Hayne for being a bigger hindrance than a help since he joined the Gold Coast late in the 2016 season and Alexander agrees.

“It’s been a problem all year. I think Jarryd Hayne’s been a problem since he joined the Gold Coast Titans,” Alexander said.

“Obviously him and Neil Henry don’t see eye-to-eye, Neil mustn’t see him as a team player, I think there’s probably players who don’t see him as a team player.

“I don’t know what you do in that situation.”

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Jarryd Hayne can’t please anyone at the moment.Source:AAP

Ennis joined the chorus of disappointment in Hayne’s impact on the Gold Coast.

“The need to work out who they want to be, and what looks to be with Jarryd Hayne and Neil Henry it’s not working. It hasn’t worked since he arrived.

“They started to define the style of football they wanted to be under Neil Henry before Jarryd got there, and since he got there it just hasn’t worked.

“Someone needs to make a brave decision one way or another.

“For the club to move forward this cannot escalate any further, especially through the summer.”

Henry’s relationship with Hayne is said to have been frosty for much of the season.

After initially offering “no comment” when asked if the issue was becoming a distraction, Henry suggested the NSW State of Origin star needed to lift. “He’s a player in the team and we talk and we converse as we do all the time,” Henry said.

“There’s been a lot of media about him ... the thing that makes the media go away is his performance, for the team and for individuals, and that will take care of things.”

Asked to assess Hayne’s performance against the Dragons, Henry said he needed to check the tape.

“I thought he had a couple of strong touches early and brought the ball back,” he said.

“It’s very hard to get into a game when you haven’t got a lot of possession.”

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