We’ve all done this but flight attendants hate it

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WE HAVE all been guilty of this when travelling but it is a sure-fire way of pissing off your flight attendant.

You’re getting close to the final descent into your destination and the cabin crew ask you to fill out your passenger arrival card — only for you to realise you don’t have a pen.

Yes, we have all been there before but whatever you do, do not ask your flight attendant to borrow one. It really annoys them.

According to a discussion on Q&A forum, Quora, forgetting a pen and expecting a flight attendant to provide you with one is one of their biggest gripes.

“Bring pens everywhere you go, please,” Quora user and flight attendant, Nuralia Mazlan, said.

“[A Flight attendant] doesn’t have enough pens to accommodate — nor are we obliged to do so — all passengers wanting to fill up their arrival/custom declaration form.”

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Passport? Check. Phone? Check. Camera? Check. Diary? Check. Pen? Check.Source:istock

It probably won’t come as a surprise but cabin crew are not supplied with pens for passengers or reimbursed for the pens they lend out and never receive back.

“Nor do I want to spend my hard earned money buying pens every time one of you forgets to return it back to me,” Ms Mazlan, who said she has worked for two major airlines, wrote.

Forgetting a pen isn’t the only thing that will get you on a flight attendant’s bad side quicker than the pilot can switch the seatbelt sign on. Another major pet-peeve is assuming their job is to be your Sherpa.

“We are not here to help you with your bags. If you can pack it as heavy as you can, drag it all the way to the airport on your own, chances are there is not a damn in the world I would give to lift it up like your personalised butler into the overhead compartment. NO,” Ms Mazlan wrote.

The only time flight attendants are actually obliged to help passengers with their luggage is when they are incapable of doing it themselves.

“That does not mean I am rude because you are not informed of the fact that it is a health hazard to me to do that for you. I only make exceptions for a few passengers and you have to be disabled for me to do so.”

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