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As Erdogan consolidates power in Turkey, the Kurdish opposition faces crackdown

The shrinking political space for Kurds in Turkey who are critical of the government.

The teachers are unpaid and danger is ever present, but Mosul's schools are reopening

Schools and businesses have reopened since east Mosul was officially freed in January, but with militants entrenched on the west side of the city, their future remains uncertain.

'Old slavery mentality' is making a comback in lawless Libya, migrants say

For many of the migrants pushing off from Libya’s beaches on rickety boats, escaping the terrors of that country is more important than whether they reach Europe.

Islamic State attacks Iraq's oil-rich northern city of Kirkuk

Islamic State militants launched a multi-pronged attack Friday on the northern Iraqi oil hub of Kirkuk, seizing a downtown building and attacking at least three points along the city’s defensive perimeter, authorities said.

Families caught in crossfire in western Mosul

Dramatic footage from the battle to retake western Mosul shows families caught in the crossfire as Iraqi security forces face off against Islamic State militants.

Mosul offensive: Assyrian artifacts discovered in abandoned ISIS tunnels

ISIS extremists have inadvertently uncovered a treasure-trove of ancient statues and inscriptions dating back to the days of the Assyrian Empire. The Iraqi government found the antiquities by chance in tunnels dug by ISIS in eastern Mosul.

Israel travel ban: Boycott supporters to be turned away

As President Donald Trump signed his updated travel ban, Israel approved its own version, barring those who support boycotts against Israel or West Bank settlements from entering the country.

'Toxic stress' of war on Syria's children detailed in report

Syria's children are overwhelmingly suffering "toxic stress" from the country's brutal civil war, with possible long-term effects on their psychological and physical health, a report concludes.

Key buildings retaken from ISIS in Mosul

Iraqi forces have taken control of several key government buildings and a bridge in western Mosul.

Return to hell: Finding Mosul family who sheltered us

When a CNN team was caught up in an ISIS ambush, they took cover in the homes of ordinary Mosul residents. Two months later, they returned to find the families.

Putin deepens Middle East influence

Leaders of Turkey and Israel visit Moscow as President Vladimir Putin tries to entrench Russia's resurgent role in the Middle East.

Suspected chemical attack in Mosul, Red Cross says

Twelve residents of the war-torn Iraqi city of Mosul were treated for injuries from a suspected chemical attack this week, an official with the International Committee of the Red Cross said.

Number of Iraqis fleeing Mosul nears 60,000

The number of Iraqi civilians fleeing western Mosul since the start of the operation to take it back from ISIS has increased to 57,000. The number shot up by more than 10,000 over the past two days.

UAE's minister of happiness insists her job is no laughing matter

The United Arab Emirate's minister of happiness is promoting happiness and positivity in government, and as a lifestyle, through specific programs and policies.

Trump steps up airstrikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen; more ground raids could follow

President Trump has directed the Pentagon to embark on a complicated counter-terrorism campaign in Yemen.

Iraqi commanders say a spot in the desert is key to winning control of the city of Mosul

A desolate corner of the desert, Iraqi commanders say, is where the battle against Islamic State for control of Mosul will be won.

Iraq's offensive against Islamic State militants in western Mosul sends thousands on trek for safety

As security forces have breached the Islamic State-held neighborhoods of western Mosul, thousands of residents have seized the chance to escape

The underground beauty salon that defied Islamic State in Mosul

The story of a hair salon in Islamic State-occupied Mosul, where something as seemingly innocuous as eyeliner could prompt a lashing.

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