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In the half of Mosul freed from Islamic State, life returns to not-quite normal

In parts of this northern Iraqi city, life seems routine. People flock to sidewalk barbecue joints and falafel stands. Shops are open. Traffic snakes through run-down thoroughfares.

In Arab world, fresh doubts about the chances for a Palestinian state

Four years ago, the West Bank city of Ramallah rejoiced when the United Nations voted to recognize a Palestinian state – a symbolic move, surely, but seen at the time by many as a hopeful step on the road to self-determination.

Violent assault on Islamic State entrenchments in west Mosul set to begin

Col. Refaq Abdul Baqi paused for an instant at a cinder-block wall before darting across the alleyway. Safely through, he crouched low as he climbed the stairs to the roof of a dilapidated house on the edge of this city's Qubbah district.

Iran: No to US in Syria, nuclear deal stays

Iran's foreign minister tells CNN that US troops in Syria are a bad idea, that the nuclear deal is here to stay, and that Trump's travel ban is "an insult."

Amidst US-Iran tensions, wrestlers emerge as sports diplomats

The journey to the Wrestling World Cup in Iran has been an exhausting one for the US team - not so much because of the long trip from the US to the Iranian city Kermanshah with two stopovers in Frankfurt and Tehran.

Report: Russia, Syria targeted civilian areas

A new report suggests that Russia and Syria deliberately targeted civilian-populated areas of Aleppo, including hospitals, in their joint bombing campaign.

Russian intel: ISIS planning further destruction of Syria's ancient Palmyra site

ISIS' vandalism of one of Syria's most important historic sites looks set to escalate as Russian intelligence suggests that the militant group plans to wreak more destruction on the ancient Roman ruins at Palmyra.

Syrian government hangs up to 13,000 in 'horrifying' executions, but world is unlikely to do anything

The Syrian government commits an atrocity. The United States and the United Nations denounce it. Nothing happens.

Top U.S. general in Afghanistan said thousands more troops needed for fight against Taliban

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said Thursday that he needs several thousand more troops to help Afghan government forces break a stalemate with the Taliban less than a year after President Obama drew down American forces.

The race to retake Raqqa from ISIS

ISIS is fending off enemies in all directions around Raqqa, but it has one advantage -- there's been little coordination among its adversaries on the ground.

Yemen: The plan, the raid, and the aftermath

A US military raid in Yemen that killed civilians and a Navy SEAL has proven another political headache for Donald Trump just days into his presidency.

Rouhani warns Iran will not be bullied

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned that Iran will not be bullied by those using "threatening language" against the regime.

Syrian President: Trump's pledge to fight terror 'promising'

Syria's leader has praised Donald Trump's rhetoric on terror, saying the new US President's pledge to prioritize the fight against terrorism, including ISIS, was "promising."

A day with Bana, the Syrian girl who gave a voice to Aleppo

The 7-year-old Syrian girl who tweeted with her mom about the war in their hometown is starting a new life in Turkey.

These men say they survived torture in a Syrian prison

Those who made it out of Saydnaya prison paint a grim picture that corroborates much of what's described in a new Amnesty International report.

Michael Bennett boycotts trip, says he won't be used by Israel

Michael Bennett, a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, said he's withdrawing from a overseas trip hosted by the Israeli government.

Amnesty International accuses Syria of hanging thousands of prisoners, dumping bodies in mass graves

On Monday or Wednesday afternoons, guards would call out the names of prisoners for transfer from Syria’s notorious Saydnaya military prison.

What happened the night a U.S. commando was killed in combat, the first such death of Trump's presidency

It was past midnight on a moonless night in central Yemen, and Ahmad Jawfi was preparing to go to sleep when he heard the dull buzz of drones overhead.  Drones were nothing new, so he and others paid little attention.

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