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Islamic State is showing stunning resistance as Iraqi troops try to breach west Mosul

Iraqi troops are on the outskirts of southern Mosul, but have been fiercely held back by Islamic State forces who are fighting fiercely to defend the city.

Islamic State has been cranking out car bombs on an industrial scale for the battle of Mosul

Car bombs, long a part of Islamic State’s arsenal, have become the signature weapon of the group as it desperately defends its ground in Mosul.

Dozens dragged from their homes as police clear illegal settlement in West Bank

Jewish settlers are ordered to evacuate from nine homes in Ofra in the West Bank in response to an Israel Supreme Court ruling.

Iraqi forces push into western Mosul in fight against Islamic State extremists

Iraqi forces keep a dangerous vigil at Mosul's edge on the eve of a large-scale blitz into Islamic State's biggest stronghold in Iraq

Russia breaks with Trump in U.N. veto over Syria chemical arms

Russia, China block U.N. move to punish Syria over chemical weapons.

Islamic State fires cluster bombs at Iraqi government forces

Islamic State extremists fired cluster bombs at Iraqi government forces stationed near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday, killing at least one soldier. 

Gritty clashes mark what Iraq hopes will be 'the dawn of a great victory' in Mosul

Fighting begins in the campaign to drive out Islamic State from the western half of Mosul, in what was hailed by Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Abadi as “the dawn of a great victory."

Offensive to rout Islamic State out of western Mosul is underway, as U.S. steps up airstrikes

Iaqi forces early morning Sunday began a large-scale offensive to seize the western side of Mosul, Islamic State's de-facto capital in Iraq.

As a constitutional referendum looms, some in Turkey say Erdogan is steering the country toward autocracy

: At a time many Americans are celebrating the value of a separation of powers, Turkey is heading into a constitutional referendum that critics say could lead to one-man rule.

Born under a bad sign: Mosul residents with Islamic State birth certificates need a do-over

With Islamic State ousted from Mosul’s eastern half, tens of thousands of residents must reintegrate into a state bureaucracy that was absent for almost three years.

Aleppo report accuses all sides of war crimes

A UN-established commission has issued a damning report on human rights violations in Syria's war-ravaged Aleppo, accusing both sides of war crimes.

Iraqi commander: ISIS leaders 'running away' from Mosul

The commander of Iraq's Federal Police has said that ISIS militants in western Mosul are looking to cut and run from their defense of the group's last remaining stronghold in the country.

Comic Con comes to Saudi Arabia

Crowds gathered in Jeddah to immerse themselves in three days of cosplay, video games, comics and panel discussions with their favorite television actors at Saudi Arabia's first Comic Con.

In the half of Mosul freed from Islamic State, life returns to not-quite normal

In parts of this northern Iraqi city, life seems routine. People flock to sidewalk barbecue joints and falafel stands. Shops are open. Traffic snakes through run-down thoroughfares.

In Arab world, fresh doubts about the chances for a Palestinian state

Four years ago, the West Bank city of Ramallah rejoiced when the United Nations voted to recognize a Palestinian state – a symbolic move, surely, but seen at the time by many as a hopeful step on the road to self-determination.

Violent assault on Islamic State entrenchments in west Mosul set to begin

Col. Refaq Abdul Baqi paused for an instant at a cinder-block wall before darting across the alleyway. Safely through, he crouched low as he climbed the stairs to the roof of a dilapidated house on the edge of this city's Qubbah district.

Iran: No to US in Syria, nuclear deal stays

Iran's foreign minister tells CNN that US troops in Syria are a bad idea, that the nuclear deal is here to stay, and that Trump's travel ban is "an insult."

Amidst US-Iran tensions, wrestlers emerge as sports diplomats

The journey to the Wrestling World Cup in Iran has been an exhausting one for the US team - not so much because of the long trip from the US to the Iranian city Kermanshah with two stopovers in Frankfurt and Tehran.

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