‘I’m so glad I’m white:’ Woman sounding like Alex Morgan gets ‘mouthy’ with cops in Disney bodycam video

Soccer superstar Alex Morgan was complaining about being detained after she and her entourage got kicked out of Disney

Another day, another incident with racial undertones.

It wasn’t embarrassing enough to get thrown out of Disney World, but now Alex Morgan is in the spotlight for making an eye raising comment.

Earlier this month, the soccer star and some pals (including her husband) partied a little too hard at Epcot and got kicked out of the entire park.

Authorities say she and members of the group were verbally aggressive with park security and other parkgoers.

On Tuesday, the Orange County Sheriff's Department released bodycam footage of what went down behind the scenes.

On TMZ, you see see the video of Morgan sitting at a table in a conference room getting interrogated with fellow soccer player Donny Toia and his wife Courtney. Officers are explaining why they were receiving trespassing tickets and one man accuses the crew of being “mouthy.”

“We actually didn’t swear to you, ever,” says Morgan snarkily. “Never.”

An officer replies, “Disney is asking you as a company to leave and not come back.”

Then another cop asks for their IDs.

You can hear Morgan, slightly slurring her words, arguing why they shouldn’t have been kicked out, then said, “Dude, you’re lying right now. I can’t imagine what black people go through. It’s insane.”

“Wow,” says an officer.

Off camera, she says, “We actually love Orlando.”

As the cops gather them up to leave, the friends can be heard talking over each other and then a woman who sounds like Morgan says sarcastically off camera, “Wait! We were forced to stay here and now we’re like forced to like, hurry? My God! I’m so glad I’m white!”

Morgan quickly released a statement to Orlando Sentinel: “The video released today shows that while we were all caught up in the tension of the moment, I was not out of control or highly impaired. I used bad judgment and I was simply trying to support my friends.’

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Article ‘I’m so glad I’m white:’ Woman sounding like Alex Morgan gets ‘mouthy’ with cops in Disney bodycam video compiled by www.miamiherald.com