She bought a used DVD at a church sale. When she opened it, she called the sheriff

Joyce Walter of Jessamine County, Kentucky, bought a used DVD at a church yard sale. It was a faith-based movie called

There are still people in the world who seek to do the right thing. Count Joyce Walter of Jessamine County among them.

When Walter found $3,400 in cash tucked in a DVD case she bought at a Sept. 15 church sale in Nicholasville, she contacted Jessamine County Sheriff Kevin Corman.

He, in turn, with help from the church, tracked down the woman who donated the DVD to the sale and returned the money to her this week.

Walter, 76, said returning the money was the right thing to do “because it wasn’t mine.”

Walter bought the DVD, a faith-based movie called “Letters to God,” for $1. When she opened the DVD case at home, “there were all these nice, crisp $100 bills,” Walter said in an interview at her Jessamine County home on Thursday. “No folds. No wrinkles. It was shocking.”

“I thought, ‘Is this real money?’” she said.

Sure enough, when she held a $100 bill up to the light, there was a second, watermark image of Ben Franklin next to the visible image of Franklin.

“If it’s counterfeit, it won’t have that,” said Walter’s husband, Richard, 78, a retired UPS mechanic.

When Joyce found the money, she and the Walters’ golden retriever, Tuff Enuf, ran down to where Richard Walter was mowing hay.

“I just handed him the movie and said ‘Open this real careful and look inside,’” Joyce Walter recalled. “I wanted him to see what I saw.”

The DVD donor, who does not wish to be identified, had saved the money over a period of time to pay property taxes, Corman said. The donor had also saved cash that her children had given her.

Joyce Walter said the woman wants to give $400 to Walter as an expression of thanks.

“But that’s not necessary,” Walter said. “I think there’s more good people than you think.”

Sheriff Corman agreed. “It’s reassuring to me, especially with all the bad things going in the world in this day and time, that there are still good people out there who believe in doing the right thing.”

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