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KING: The Democratic Party doesn't get why it's so unpopular

A troubling poll was just released showing that the Democratic Party is significantly less popular than both Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy Obamacare replacement should be called ‘Abominable Care’

Congressional Republican leadership has stepped in it again — big time. As a proposed replacement for Obamacare, the GOP leadership revealed a plan, eight years in the making, that replaces Obamacare entitlements with GOP entitlements. Call it “Abominable Care.”

Ben Carson confirmed by Senate as HUD secretary

The Senate voted Thursday to confirm Ben Carson as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he will oversee federal public housing programs.

White House: Trump unaware of Flynn’s foreign agent work

President Donald Trump was not aware that his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had worked to further the interests of the government of Turkey before appointing him, the White House says.

Donald Trump pushes back against reports of chaotic White House, touts accomplishments

President Trump campaigned on his reputation as a successful businessman, promising voters he would run the government like one of his enterprises. But his management of the executive branch since taking office has been plagued by difficulties marshaling White House staff and problems with rollouts of his extreme vetting policy and his federal hiring freeze.

Rex Tillerson will host Trump’s anti-Islamic State alliance summit

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson will attempt to infuse new energy into the vast international coalition battling the Islamic State later this month by hosting senior officials from the 68 countries in the Trump administration’s first major stab at multinational diplomacy.

Conservatives want health bill changes, House leaders resist

Conservative Republicans demanded tougher changes Friday in insurance requirements and Medicaid than the House GOP health care bill proposes and warned they’d oppose the legislation if it isn’t reshaped. The White House signaled an openness to negotiate, but there was resistance from House leaders.

Donald Trump speech to Congress demands crackdown on illegals, rebuilding of military

Seeking to jumpstart his legislative agenda, President Trump stood before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night and demanded lawmakers work with him to crack down on illegal immigration, increase economic growth and rebuild the U.S. military.

Ben Sasse, Senate Republican, asks Justice Department to clarify its stance on Julian Assange

The Republican chair of the Senate Judiciary Oversight Subcommittee asked the Trump administration on Thursday to clarify its position on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange following the release this week of details concerning the CIA’s previously unreported hacking powers.

Noel J. Francisco, Trump’s solicitor general pick, fought Obama on recess appointments

President Trump’s pick for solicitor general — the government’s chief lawyer to the Supreme Court — has been there before.

#ADayWithoutAWoman showed those who avoided work were the losers

My husband Matt half-jokingly asked me if I was planning to participate in Wednesday’s #ADayWithoutAWoman. Let’s see:

Democrats push to lower voting age to 17 with boost from billionaire George Soros

Stung by recent election defeats, Democrats are leading the charge to lower the voting age to 17, with a little help from liberal billionaire George Soros.

Justices divided on cross-border shooting that left Mexican teenager dead

The Supreme Court weighs whether the boy’s parents can sue a U.S. agent in U.S. courts.

Sotomayor questions whether lethal injection is ‘our most cruel experiment yet’

The justice dissents from a decision not to take the case of an Ala. inmate who wanted a firing squad.

Supreme Court considers case of a shot fired in U.S. that killed a teenager in Mexico

Lower courts have said constitutional rights stop at the border, and parents may not sue agent

Supreme Court says Virginia redistricting must be reexamined for racial bias

In a technical opinion, the justices said lower court applied wrong standard in challenge of 12 districts.

The terms Trump and Bannon use: a glossary

They’ve introduced a populist and nationalist rhetoric that cuts across traditional Republican vs. Democratic divisions.

The mystery of Donald Trump and the New Jersey cemetery

What does the president’s business want with a cemetery (or two) in Bedminster?

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