Christie's surprising criticism of Phil Murphy

The explosive revelations of sexual assault and harassment against Hollywood producer and prolific Democratic Party

The explosive revelations of sexual assault and harassment against Hollywood producer and prolific Democratic Party fundraiser Harvey Weinstein have become fodder in New Jersey's governor's race.

Republican candidate Kim Guadagno attacked Democratic candidate Phil Murphy for not condemning the mogul's alleged behavior fast enough, and for meeting with Weinstein two months ago seeking campaign contributions.

Murphy said he never took any of Weinstein's money for his campaign and called on fellow Democrats to donate past contributions to charity. "There is no place in Democratic politics for this type of behavior and attitude toward women," Murphy added in a statement. 

Asked to weigh in on the matter as the controversy was beginning to explode Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie offered mild praise for Murphy condemnations of Weinstein. But the outgoing governor also slammed Murphy for -- of all things -- his disloyalty to Weinstein.

"I give Ambassador Murphy credit at least for talking about it today, saying (Democrats) should give back all the money," Christie said. 

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"All I would say is, boy, there's a cautionary tale about being his friend," Christie said. "The storm comes in, baby, don't look for him to point you to the storm cellar, because he will already be in there and have the door locked."

The Auditor would like to remind the governor, that he had an occasion to disagree publicly with his close friend, President Donald Trump.

When the Washington Post released a recording last October of what is now the infamous conversation between then-candidate Trump and TV personality Billy Bush about "grabbing women by the" genitals, Christie described the episode as "completely indefensible."

Christie also said he was "disturbed," "disappointed" and "embarrassed" by Trump's vulgar talk. 

Trump called it "locker room banter" and denied doing any of the things he bragged about.

Christie never withdrew his support for Trump, and remains the president's confidante.

Christie's candor after the Access Hollywood tape's release cost him a job in the Trump administration, Trump's former strategist Steve Bannon told 60 Minutes last month. Christie accused Bannon of lying, adding, he turned down jobs in the administration.

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