Longmont joins effort to get federal money for railroad quiet zones

Longmont joins application for $7 million federal grant to help create quiet zones at railroad crossings.

Longmont residents upset about the blaring of horns as trains pass through their residential neighborhoods and business districts could be in for some relief, if local-government partners in a joint application are successful in getting a multimillion federal grant to help pay for creating quiet zones at railroad crossings through their communities.

Longmont City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday night to join Boulder, Boulder County and Louisville in seeking a $7 million federal grant — to be matched by about $4.6 million from those local governments — to construct safety improvements at as many as 28 of BNSF Railway’s railroad crossings.

The Federal Railroad Administration requires such improvements to reduce or eliminate the FRA’s requirement that train engineers blow their train horns loudly as they approach and pass through public crossings.

Of the 28 specific sites that would benefit from the $11.6 million in total spending on crossing improvements projects, 20 are in Longmont, city staff reported to the council.

Longmont’s share of the nearly $4.6 million local match for the $7 million the partners are seeking from the federal government — if the U.S. Department of Transportation approves the full grant application — would be about $3.1 million.

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