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Republicans unveil plan to repeal and replace Obamacare amid conflicting pressures

House Republicans released a long-awaited Obamacare replacement Monday that would dismantle the law’s extensive system for expanding health insurance coverage

Most California insurance plans could be ineligible for tax credits under the GOP's new proposal

The House GOP would prohibit tax credits to offset the cost of insurance from going to plans that cover abortion. But in California, all insurance plans must cover that procedure.

Nominee to be No. 2 at Justice Department resists call for special prosecutor in Russia investigation

The Justice Department nominee who would oversee the federal investigation into Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election sidestepped calls to appoint a special

EPA chief claims CO2 not a "primary contributor" to global warming

Scott Pruitt's view is at odds with decades of peer-reviewed studies.

The GOP Used "Obamacare" to Oppose the ACA, Now The Tables are Turned

As the battle over what should be in the bill to replace Obamacare continues, another vital fight is being waged over just what to call the new plan.

Why Medicaid is so hard for Republicans

Republicans are going to war with each other over the House health care bill's cuts to Medicaid.

Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement. Here's what's in the bill.

After six years of promises, House Republicans have released a bill that would dismantle and replace Barack Obama's signature health care law.

Trump's lawyer scrambled after Conway plugged Trump clothing, emails show

Trump's ethics lawyer was rattled enough to swiftly huddle with the federal ethics office, according to new emails obtained by NBC News.

Comey talks Russian meddling, Trump Tower with lawmakers

FBI Director James Comey met with lawmakers Thursday to discuss matters related to the alleged wire-tapping of Trump Tower, a source told NBC News.

Helene Cooper: How Africa elected its first female president

Helene Cooper, author of "Madame President" talks about her new book in which she tells the story of Africa's first female head of state.

Ex-Trump aide Flynn says his lobbying may have helped Turkey

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, who was fired last month, has registered with the Justice Department as a foreign agent.

Hawaii files lawsuit against 'infected' travel ban

Hawaii has become the first state to sue to stop President Donald Trump's revised travel ban.

Ethics office fires back at WH for not disciplining Conway

The federal ethics office has rebuked the White House for not disciplining aide Kellyanne Conway for her endorsement of Ivanka Trump's clothing line.

Commander-in-Tweet: Here's what 50 Days of @RealDonaldTrump looks like

President Trump may have given up "Celebrity Apprentice," but since he took office, every day is a new episode of Trump's White House — on Twitter.

Minority party makes public relations push to reinforce concerns

Even as the GOP health care bill advanced, Democrats are revving up their PR push against it, hoping to sow more doubts among the public.

Muhammad Ali's family speaks out against Trump's travel ban

Muhammad Ali's son told lawmakers that he felt "just like I felt at my father's funeral" when he was detained under Trump's first immigration order.

Here's what the GOP could have learned from Obamacare (but didn't)

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