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Trump pushes historic cuts in global health aid, stoking fears of new disease outbreaks and diminished U.S. clout

Trump is pushing a historic retrenchment in U.S. support for global health and family planning

Trying to keep up with the latest Trump news? Some stories you should pay attention to

It's Trump's 12 week in office. Here's what you need to know.

Lawmakers have put a lot of energy into getting new stadiums built — without much success

California lawmakers have spent a lot of time on professional sports stadiums — and they have little to show for it

Trump to dismantle Obama's landmark climate effort

President Trump on Tuesday will order the EPA to dismantle his predecessors landmark climate effort, backing away from an aggressive plan to cut emissions at power plants.

These are the 19 agencies Trump would stop funding entirely

President Trump's "budget blueprint" proposes eliminating all federal funding for 19 independent agencies, including the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

What will it mean to get rid of the 'administrative state'? Trump’s first budget will offer a glimpse

On Thursday, President Trump releases his first spending plan for the entire federal government.

Trump budget would reignite California's financial strains

Trump’s budget would deliver a financially crushing blow to California, bringing back amounts of red ink not seen since Great Recession.

After intense public anger, Republicans waver over slashing Obama-era action on methane gas

The GOP push to rescind Obama climate action confronts uncomfortable politics. As effort to rollback popular methane rule sparks backlash -- some Republicans waver.

This is how states will fight Trump's energy order

Donald Trump’s plan to bring an abrupt halt to America’s crusade against climate change will test states like California as never before as they seek to wrest control of the nation’s energy future.

Political Road Map: Sacramento's closed-door dealmaking didn't go away with Proposition 54

Voters last fall approved new transparency rules for the California Legislature. But as the recent transportation deal proved, private dealmaking is alive and well.

Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Trump’s nominee Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was set to be confirmed Friday for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, filling an unprecedented 14-month vacancy, but only after a Senate rules change.

If you're struggling to keep up with all things Trump, you're not alone. This is week 11

We're tracking President Trump's first 100 days in office. Here's a recap on week 11.

Republicans win a special House election in Kansas after an embarrassing red-state scare

The results of the Kansas congressional race were watched by both parties curious whether anti-Trump protests would be reflected at the ballot box.

Syria crisis tests Trump's plan for a new world order

President Trump made an about-face in his posture toward Syria with his military action. It brought relief to American allies. but its impact on Syria may depend on his next moves. 

Nearly $1 billion in side deals by Gov. Brown and Democratic leaders cemented the legislative vote to raise the gas tax

Gov. Jerry Brown would not have won legislative approval of a gas tax increase without providing nearly $1 billion in side deals that put money into the pet projects of lawmakers who were holdouts

After errors, ICE suspends reports designed to embarrass 'sanctuary cities'

After just two "detainer declined" reports, Trump administration suspends a program to list cities that weren't cooperating with immigration enforcement

Study suggests rumors of Obamacare 'death spiral' may be greatly exaggerated

Obamacare plans in nearly three dozen states are showing reduced losses since last year, and may turn a small profit in 2018, the New York Times reports.

Trump: ‘We’re not going into Syria’

President Donald Trump said that "we're not going into Syria" after the US launched a cruise missile strike against a government airbase in that nation over a chemical attack.

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