The suspect shut the car door on a cop’s hand. Then, a bullet was fired

A Miami man in the Florida Keys doing construction work after the hurricane was arrested Thursday after smashing the

It was just before 7 a.m. when Key Colony Beach police officer Charles Griffith stopped a car on Duck Key because one of its headlights wasn’t working.

The situation quickly got dicey: When Griffith said he smelled weed, the suspect ignored orders to get out of the car and fled. But before he did, he slammed the car door on the officer’s hand, who then fired a bullet into the car’s door.

Jerret Bryan, 39, was quickly captured and was charged with resisting arrest, fleeing and eluding police, battery on a law enforcement officer and driving with a suspended license.

“Officer Griffith managed to extract his hand from the door after which he pulled his weapon and fired once at the driver’s side door, shattering the window, but not hitting Bryan,” police wrote in a report.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will investigate the shooting.

According to police, just after Sunrise Thursday morning, Griffith spotted Bryan driving a 1996 Chevy near Mile Marker 61 with its headlight and license tag lights out. The officer said the tag was also obscured from dirt.

Bryan, a long-time Keys resident who now lives in Miami, had returned to the Keys to do construction work post Hurricane Irma. When Griffith smelled what he thought was marijuana, police said, he called for a backup.

A quick check on Bryan revealed he was driving with a suspended license and was wanted on probation for a drug charge. The officer then ordered Bryan out of the car. Bryan refused and began rolling up his window, Griffith said. Griffith managed to stop him and opened the car door and started pulling Bryan out.

But before Griffith could yank Bryan out, the officer claims, Bryan slammed the car door shut on his hand. He managed to pull his hand out as Bryan fled. Griffith grabbed his gun and fired a shot into the driver’s side window. The window shattered but the suspect was unharmed.

Bryan was caught after a brief chase, police said.

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