Adam Gase is a self-described hothead — one of three on Miami's offense

Adam Gase, Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry met recently to figure out how not to let their emotions boil over when things go

The Dolphins’ three-game offensive malaise has been torturous for Adam Gase and his players. But it’s been gold for sideline camera operators.

Gase, Jarvis Landry and Jay Ajayi have all taken turns losing their cool this year, and the footage has been remarkable.

But Gase acknowledged that the three of them need to tone it down a bit, and talked about it at a recent meeting.

“There’s three of us that are the hotheads of the offense,” Gase said “It’s 14, 23 and me. So it’s a like a deadly combination. We start getting all fired up. All of three of us talked about it, about how can all three of us not get as frustrated when things don’t go quite right? I need to do a better job of keeping my anger under control and they’re trying to do the same thing.”

Gase continued: “That fact that those two guys came to me and we discussed this, I look at that as a positive thing. Because they know. They know everybody is looking at those two guys. How are they reacting when things aren’t quite going right? I know everybody is looking to me: How are you reacting? I need to do a better job. They’re working on it. It’s not easy.”

There’s more: “I meant, they want to do well. They want to have an impact on the game. I tell Jarvis all the time, ‘I’m trying to get you the ball. I’m not not trying to throw it to you.’ It’s just one of those things. You’re trying to get in a rhythm, get positive plays going and when we do that, good things happen. That drive we scored a touchdown on, we had a good rhythm going and we were making plays.”

Gase acknowledged that, of the three hotheads, he is the worst.

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    Article Adam Gase is a self-described hothead — one of three on Miami's offense compiled by

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