Florida's Doug Nussmeier follows Auburn's Chip Lindsey up to box; Kirby Smart chimes in on issue

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Day after Gus Malzahn moves his offensive coordinator to the booth, Jim McElwain does the same in preparation of

Florida appears to be following Auburn's lead when it comes to the offensive coordinator this week.

During a Wednesday teleconference, Florida coach Jim McElwain said that offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier will move back upstairs this Saturday when the Gators host Tennessee.

The move comes the same week Auburn coach Gus Malzahn announced his coordinator, Chip Lindsey, will move up to the box.

"It was good to get down on the field to communicate with the quarterback," McElwain said of Nussmeier being on the field.

But, at the end of the day, McElwain said Nussmeier is returning to the booth where "he started" when he first joined the Gators as a coordinator in 2015.

McElwain said the calmer setting would help.

Auburn announced Tuesday changes to the game-day routine in preparation for the homecoming game against Mercer.

Offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey, who spent the first two games of the season calling plays from the sideline, is moving up to the coaching booth, while offensive line coach Herb Hand will move from the booth down to the field, Malzahn announced Tuesday.

The pros and cons of a coordinator being on the field vs. being in the box has gotten mixed reactions.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart, Nick Saban's long-time defensive coordinator at Alabama, said he always wanted to be on the field.

"I thought it was easier to make in-game adjustments and look your players in the eyes," Smart said Wednesday during the SEC teleconference. "Plus, if you're going to be a decision-maker making the calls, I always thought you want to be down there on the field because there is a time lapse between the time you make the call and someone signaling it as opposed to you making the call yourself. Every second matters when it comes to decision making. I always thought being down there was important.

"I certainly know people who have had success doing it other ways."

Smart cited a calmer atmosphere and better vantage point to analyze the play on the field as reasons to stay in the box, echoing McElwain.

In Florida's 33-17 loss to Michigan - the Gators only game - the offense managed just 196 yards.

Meanwhile, Auburn had the worst offensive performance of a Malzahn-coached team, giving up 11 sacks and compiling 14 negative plays.

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