What will the Bears lose without Kevin White?

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Fact is, Bears receiver Kevin White wasn’t good enough that he’ll be missed. He had become just another guy.

Here’s the thing about what appears to be ’s regularly scheduled season-ending injury:

You can’t say it makes the Bears much worse because you don’t have much of an idea what kind of player White is.

Besides being an oft-injured player. I mean, he could be the likeness for a sports version of the board game “Operation."

You know the kind of player White was supposed to be – the key word being supposed. He was supposed to be a No. 1 receiver. He was supposed to bust coverages. He was supposed to outmuscle defensive backs. He was supposed to make the Bears offense dangerous.

But he was playing in just his fifth game Sunday when he suffered a fractured shoulder blade and will be placed on injured reserve again, perhaps his third season-ending injury in his third season, and he hadn’t lived up to his billing.

He hasn’t averaged 10 yards per reception and has no career TDs. That doesn’t seem hard to replace, although maybe on the Bears it has been, which is a different category of sad.

Fact is, White wasn’t good enough that he’ll be missed. He had become just another guy. He’ll be replaced by just another guy. And even if the play of Tanner Gentry doesn’t live up to the buzz of the cult of Tanner Gentry, the rookie can’t be less effective than the first-round draft choice. Talk about sad.

White’s drop on a slant earlier in Sunday’s game underscored the fact he doesn’t have particularly good hands – certainly not good enough to make up for the speed he’s lost because of leg injuries — and he didn’t show he knew how to use his height and weight advantage to get open.

Some of that is technique on which White would be expected to improve. Some of it is bad luck. All of it is a shame and none of that figures to matter now because this likely will be the last of him as a Bear, and even if it isn’t, White is a big favorite to become a poster child for potential unmet.

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