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US needs China, shouldn't go it alone on North Korea, former ambassadors say

It's important that President Donald Trump "restrain himself" and build a relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Bill Richardson said.

Don't see Trump rally ending any time in the immediate future, expert says

Oliver Pursche explains why he's still investing in this market.

There's no reason for the market to fall apart, expert says

Even if President Donald Trump doesn't get his agenda enacted, the market can still rise, expert David Waddell said.

Investors would be making a mistake if they did this, expert says

You'll be a lousy investor if you try and follow what's going on in D.C. on a minute-by-minute basis, Evan Newmark says.

These Trump-rally leaders have 'round-tripped' and are now a buy, Tom Lee says

Fundstrat's Tom Lee explains why he likes energy and financials, and why he thinks the market may have more of a pullback.

If Trump fails to deliver on a corporate tax cut, expect a 10-15% correction, says expert

The market is already pricing in a corporate tax cut, which means there could be trouble if those cuts don't get done, Robert Luna says.

Things are in place for the Trump rally to continue, strategist says

The U.S. stock market posted its best day of the year on Wednesday. Here's why experts think it will go even higher.

Market rallied on Trump's 'masterful' speech, but the bill is yet to be paid, Art Cashin says

Donald Trump looked presidential in his speech before Congress, but his administration still has a lot of work ahead, veteran trader Art Cashin says

What the market wants to hear from Trump

Investors want to hear clarity from President Trump when he makes his first speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, market experts say.

With market's 'excessive optimism,' investors should look at the 'anti-Trump trade': Expert

The stock market is suffering from overconfidence, but there are still opportunities if investors know where to look, Larry Glazer says.

'This market is going to look undervalued when we look back,' says expert

President Donald Trump's tax cuts will boost economic growth and push stocks even higher, Fairfax Global Markets' Paul Dietrich says.

With bears ‘starting to give up,’ market has opportunity to go higher, expert says

Market sentiment is switching, Destination Wealth Management's Michael Yoshikami says.

Market is about 10% overvalued, portfolio manager says

Even if President Donald Trump’s tax policies are enacted, the stocks are still not a great risk-reward for investors, expert Michael Liss said.

Donald Trump goes after Toyota over Mexico manufacturing in latest battle with automaker

On Twitter, Trump threatens Toyota with a large border tax if it builds a new plant outside the U.S.

'Panic is starting to set in' about missing the rally, expert says

A broader market rally and investors worried about missing the rally are positive for stocks, Michael Yoshikami says.

There may be a 'fantastic' buying opportunity after the New Year, expert says

David Schiegoleit is expecting a 3 percent to 5 percent pullback in early 2017.

As market rallies, retail investors shouldn't make drastic moves, financial advisor says

Investors need to stick to their asset allocation that's equal to their risk tolerance and age, Cathy Curtis said.

Don't bet on Trump rally ending in the new year, expert says

Conventional wisdom is the market rally may lose steam in the beginning of 2017, but that consensus could be wrong, one expert told CNBC on Monday.

Market should grind higher until late January, early February, veteran strategist says

While some may be concerned the market is moving too high too fast, veteran strategist Jeff Saut told CNBC Thursday he would still buy any dips.

American business could be in big trouble unless Trump makes a clear plan, expert says

Donald Trump's negotiating tactics may score him some wins, but in the long run it's going to cost him, Elevation Partners' Jeff Cohn says.

Trump to meet 'frequently' with Blackstone's Schwarzman, other business titans to discuss policy

Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman will chair Trump's strategic and policy forum, which will feature the heads of some of the largest American companies.

Trump's Commerce pick Wilbur Ross a 'really good choice,' former Commerce secretary says

Wilbur Ross is close to Donald Trump and has experience across a lot of industries, said Bill Daley, who headed up Commerce under President Bill Clinton.

How experts are playing the market's 'Trump bump'

The U.S. stock market's rally probably isn't anywhere near over, experts predicted Friday.

One trade war and Donald Trump's economy is dead, market expert says

While Donald Trump has promised to revitalize the economy, Evan Newmark only sees growth coming from inflation and global trade.

Donald Trump’s neighbor: I would be ‘scared to death’ of having him as our president

Billionaire real estate mogul Jeff Greene told CNBC on Monday he has grave concerns about a Donald Trump presidency.

Tesla a rare opportunity for growth, but have concerns about SolarCity, analyst says

Analyst Jamie Albertine has questions about SolarCity's valuation and the timing of its proposed merger with Tesla.

Hillary Clinton new email probe a 'very serious development,' former DOJ official says

Former DOJ official David Rivkin believes the FBI received information that puts into question its original conclusion about Hillary Clinton.

Seems like FBI has something 'pretty darn important' in Clinton email probe: Rep. Jordan

The timing of the latest Hillary Clinton email probe suggests there may be some significant information in the case, two Republican congressmen said.

AT&T-Time Warner deal will likely get done but won't be pretty: Former FCC commissioner

It will be hard for the DOJ to oppose the AT&T-Time Warner merger, former FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said.

TD Ameritrade to buy Scottrade in two-step deal with TD Bank

TD Ameritrade and Toronto-Dominion Bank on Monday announced plans to acquire Scottrade Financial Services in a deal valued at about $4 billion.

Elections shaping up to be a lose-lose for the stock market, expert says

The elections, earnings and energy are all driving the market, Jack Bouroudjian says, and a lot of what he's seeing isn't making him feel confident.

Election and oil prices making investors cautious, Art Cashin says

Stocks have been trading in a narrow range because investors are looking for clarity, UBS' Art Cashin says.

Trump campaign fights back against tax policy analysis

Trump advisor Peter Navarro told CNBC he has an issue with a recent report that shows Trump's plan will not benefit the economy in the long term.

Tim Kaine: 'I can't imagine any savvy financial person' thinking Trump is better for economy

Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine spoke with CNBC on Tuesday afternoon.

Sen. Warren's move on the SEC a bad thing, former SEC commissioner says

To have a member of Congress dictate the rulemaking agenda and the schedule of the SEC is verboten, former SEC commissioner Laura Unger says.

If CBS, Viacom merge, Moonves should be given 5 years at the helm: Mario Gabelli

Shareholder Mario Gabelli thinks the Redstones should give Les Moonves five years to turn around the company if CBS and Viacom merge.

A Democratic sweep is a realistic possibility, conservative scholar says

If you are worried about political risk in 2017 and 2018, you need to take a Democratic sweep into account, Jimmy Pethokoukis says.

We like Trump's policy on coal, CSX CEO says

While he didn't outright endorse Donald Trump, CSX CEO Michael Ward said he likes the GOP nominee's support of the coal industry.

Where experts are investing amid the uncertainty

There is volatility in the market and that means investors have to know where to look to withstand the bumps in the road, experts say.

Trump shouldn't get a 'passing grade' if he lies, Clinton campaign manager says

Donald Trump's "erratic" personality makes him a unique debate opponent, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager says.

Trump, Clinton advisors spar over economic plans

As Clinton and Trump head into their first debate, their camps are confident that their candidate's economic plan will win the day.

London mayor: Terrorists hate our way of life

London's first Muslim mayor said Americans can't let terrorists scare them into changing the way they live their lives.

No unicorn IPO boom, but market will pick up next year, expert says

The IPO market is down this year, but 2017 is looking like a more stable year, EY's Jackie Kelley says.

Next couple of months could be very dangerous for investors, expert says

The stock market's recent slump may be the beginning of a move down, veteran industry insider Jack Bouroudjian said Tuesday.

In a post-rate-hike world, here's where LMM's Bill Miller would invest

A Federal Reserve interest rate hike will cause near-term reallocations in the stock market but not long-term problems, Bill Miller said Tuesday.

Vladimir Putin may not want Donald Trump in White House, professor says

Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of an opportunity in U.S. politics, professor Nina Khrushcheva says.

Founder of Latinos for Trump says the wall is 'more than physical'

Donald Trump's suggestion to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is not only physical, but also it's symbolic, one supporter said.

Mylan's generic version could cost patients more, says pharmacist

Chief pharmacy officer at the Cleveland Clinic discusses Mylan's "generic" version of its own product, the Epipen, on CNBC's "Closing Bell."

Apple's easy days of single-digit tax rates are over, professor says

Apple and other multinational companies can expect to start paying a lot more taxes in the coming years, law professor Edward Kleinbard says.

Muddy Waters' Carson Block says St. Jude Medical shares could fall to $55

Shares of St. Jude Medical could drop to $55 or lower if the Abbott Laboratories' deal falls apart, Muddy Waters' Carson Block told CNBC Friday.

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