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Inside One Female Photographer's Mission To Normalize The Nude Male Body

Since 2012, Abigail Ekue has photographed over 500 men, and she's not done yet.

Artist Paints Interracial Couples Just Being, Together

“The paintings felt mundane in the best of ways. That’s what I want, to normalize these images.”

Delightfully Calm Paintings Provide A More Interconnected Vision Of Humanity

“When you take away everything that the world puts upon us," Laura Berger said, "we are all just these beings that are so similar and so connected."

Artist Creates Haunting Ode To Black Women Who Have Gone Missing

"For every woman there is a family, a mother and a father. For every image there is an infinity of erasure.”

201 Artists You Should Remember This International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day and the #5womenartists campaign, we’re once again recognizing the women who left a mark on art history.

Burlesque Performer Discusses Being One Of The Few Fat Women In Her Field

“I do feel the need to do well as a sort of ambassadorship on the behalf of fat girls everywhere," Fancy Feast explains in a documentary, "which is a joy...

Artist Honors The Legacy Of Britain's Radical Suffragettes

Amy Jorgensen prints women's surveillance images atop vintage handkerchiefs to explore possibilities of feminist resistance.

Basquiat's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Intimate Photos Of Artist Before Fame

Alexis Adler had just graduated college when she fell for the charming artist.

Artists With Disabilities Toy With Gender Norms On And Off The Canvas

At studio-gallery Creative Growth, artists are free to make what they want and be who they are.

Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama Is About To Make 2017 Infinitely Better

Considered one of the most famous living artists in the world, she's lived primarily in a mental hospital since 1975.

Everything Fab Four: The Evolving Artistry Of The Beatles In Sevenoaks, Kent

For Lennon, the Victorian circus poster that he discovered in Kent would serve as the catalyst for creation.

Step Into A Feminist Artist's Overgrown Garden Of Girly Delights

Portia Munson explores the gendered history of the color pink in an exhibition that both attracts and repulses.

Beloved Artist Abandons Work 20 Years In The Making To Protest Trump

“My decision process was that, like many others, I never believed that Trump would be elected.”

South African Artist's Erotic Paintings Explore Humanity's Animal Urges

Lady Skollie's visual feasts look sweet, but look out for rotten parts.

Jenny Holzer's 'Nasty' Essays Will Get You Ready For A Revolution

Her 1977 "Inflammatory Essays" are eerily relevant today.

Women Across The Country Are Angry, And Artists Are No Exception

The "Angry Women" art show is embracing the power of female rage.

Outsider Art Fair Is The Right Art World Event For Inauguration Weekend

Making apolitical art is a privilege, one that outsider artists do not have.

Let A 101-Year-Old Artist Show You How To Handle Sexist Double Standards

She sold her first painting when she was 89 years old. And she has no time for patriarchal bulls**t.

L.A.'s art world eagerly awaits 2017 opening of Marciano museum

Los Angeles’ ever-expanding museum landscape spreads a little farther come spring with the opening of the Marciano Art Foundation.

‘Dreamlands’ at the Whitney Museum: Between Illusion and Reality

‘Dreamlands’ at the Whitney Museum: Between Illusion and Reality

The Wide, Weird World of Contemporary Art

Peter Plagens reviews “My Life as a Work of Art” by Katya Tylevich & Ben Eastham.

Portraits from a world in transition

Victor Ehikhamenor's striking portrait series 'American Invasion' shows how US culture has impacted a rural village in Benin, Nigeria.

Kerry James Marshall Recolors Art History

‘Mastry’ opens at the Met Breuer, the largest retrospective of his work yet. The Chicago-based artist has put the African-American experience at the center of his work for more than three decades.

Your next art purchase will come from Africa

There's a new international scramble for Africa, but this time it's not for resources, it's for modern art.

Frieze Turns to Edgy Galleries

London’s contemporary art fair looks to new galleries in Peckham, Dalston and Vauxhall to inject excitement into the annual event

Look closer. What's wrong with this picture?

Contemporary surrealists manipulate everyday objects and motifs to create a playful, warped spin on reality.

School’s Back in Session at MoMA PS1 in Queens

MoMA PS1’s fall benefit had a back-to-school theme. The museum took advantage of the one day the space was empty, inviting performance artist Ryan McNamara to fill the former schoolhouse.

Contemporary artist Scott Debus packs his bags for Austin

After working as an artist in Brooklyn, Scott Debus was just hoping to find a similar artistic community when he moved to Charleston six years ago. Little did he know that he'd play a major role in an active, volatile period in the local underground and contemporary art scenes. Now, prepping for a move to Austin, he's taking a look back on his time in the Holy City.

Photographer Ori Gersht's 'Floating World' at Kohn Gallery casts a spell

Ori Gersht uses a digital camera, off-the-shelf software and a high-end printer to make photographs that make you wonder what you are looking at. It’s a slippery enterprise. When it works, the uncertainty is sublime.

'Phantom Limb' at Shulamit Nazarian delivers a swift kick in one of the best group shows of the year

At Shulamit Nazarian in Venice, “Phantom Limb” packs a punch — or delivers a swift kick — that’s all the more potent because you don’t see it coming. The five-artist free-for-all is the best group exhibition of the summer, maybe the year. Its parts don’t add up to wholes as much as they stir up undercurrents of discontent.

700 women artists to gather at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel for group photo

When Hauser Wirth & Schimmel opened its sprawling gallery compound in the downtown Los Angeles arts district earlier this year, its inaugural exhibition,“Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947–2016,” generated a ton of buzz . The show closes over Labor Day weekend — but it won’t go out quietly.

Zika Weighs on Businesses in a Miami Neighborhood

In a small Miami neighborhood that’s the center of Zika virus transmission by mosquitoes, some businesses have reported sharp declines in visitors, while state officials try to reassure people that the area is safe.

Bold, provocative art that looks like money

Kehinde Wiley is at his best when the honesty comes through.

Experiential Art Puts a Song in People’s Path

Some surprisingly lilting sounds are wafting through the park surrounding New York City Hall this summer. Their source: a rotating cast of “living sculptures” who serve up surreptitious, personalized serenades.

The Doctor Is In, at the New Museum

New York artist Simone Leigh explores health and wellness in ‘The Waiting Room,’ a new exhibit at the New Museum.

Can art be too political?

French-Algerian artist Zineb Sedira sounds off on the topic of political art, in the latest instalment of our 'Soapbox' series.

The Mistake Room brings global view to gritty downtown L.A. art scene

Construction workers hammer away in a warehouse near the southern edge of downtown Los Angeles. A buzz saw hits fever pitch, screeching in the background; the air is thick with dust.

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