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New 'Serial' Podcast, 'S-Town,' Just Debuted All Its Episodes At Once

Creators Brian Reed and Julie Snyder talk at length about your next podcast addiction.

23 Recent Books By Women You Should Read ASAP

The perfect literary way to celebrate Women's History Month.

18 Great Books To Read Based On The New TV You're Binge-Watching

Pages to turn when you're tired of scrolling.

The Lonely Island Tell The Story Of How 'Dear Sister' Came To 'SNL'

Mmm whatcha say now that this short is a decade old?

'Boss Baby' Author Says Comparing Trump To Infant Makes Total Sense

After all, children's book author Marla Frazee did conceive of the character "as a white, stereotypical male boss."

The Dark, Twisted Fairy Tales 'Beauty And The Beast' Is Based On

There's something there that wasn't there in the Disney film.

This Is A Story About 'This Is Sparta!'

Against all odds, this "300" prank conquered the world.

Saying Goodbye To 'The Vampire Diaries'

Showrunner Julie Plec and stars Paul Wesley and Candice King reflect on the series' end.

Before He Disappeared, Richard Simmons Was A Beacon Of Hope To Thousands Of Fans

He used to wake up at 4 a.m. and spend his mornings calling up to 50 people who felt isolated and alone.

K.J. Apa On 'Riverdale' And That 'A Dog's Purpose' Controversy

The 19-year-old takes on the role of the iconic Archie Andrews on The CW's new hit show.

'The Arrangement' Will Satisfy All Your Curiosities About Fake Celeb Relationships

Gossip addicts will relish the series for painting Hollywood the way we assume it really is ― calculating and manipulative.

This Feminist Film Got Snubbed By The Oscars, But You Should Watch It Anyway

“20th Century Women” confronts some hairy issues. Is that why the Academy wrote it off?

10 Years Later, Britney's Head-Shaving Moment Is Still Unforgettable

It's a time in pop culture history that's seared into our memories.

The First Black 'Bachelor' Lead Had A Ludicrously High Bar To Clear

Rachel Lindsay seems absolutely perfect. To become the first black Bachelorette, she had to be.

One Of The Most Iconic 'Dirty Dancing' Lines Was A Throwaway

Writer Eleanor Bergstein explains why German viewers didn't see Johnny say, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

If You Like 'Heathers,' You'll Love This Sundance Movie

In "Thoroughbred," Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke play murderous teens.

Mark Hamill Finally Explains Those Joker-Trump Impersonations

"I'm a member of the resistance," Hamill told HuffPost with a laugh. "And I always will be."

'A Ghost Story' And 'Mudbound' Are Two Of The Year's Sundance Breakouts

David Lowery's supernatural poem and Dee Rees' racial drama shine.

Entertainment Weeklies Are Cozying Up To Trump First Family

Do cute pics make it easier to swallow the president's threatening rhetoric?

Prepare To Fall In Love With The Gay Romance 'Call Me By Your Name'

Luca Guadagnino's masterful love story is one of the year's Sundance smashes.

Kumail Nanjiani And Jessica Williams Lead Must-See Sundance Comedies

A few words on "The Big Sick," "The Incredible Jessica James" and "Landline."

'Sherlock' Just Schooled Us On The Value Of 'Emotional Context'

In Season 4, deductions alone don’t cut it.

Nick Lachey Fondly Remembers Traveling In A 98 Degrees 'Motor Home'

The boy band singer recalls the "hustle" a whopping two decades ago.

PG-13 Movies Have As Much Gun Violence As R-Rated Films Nowadays

The problem is, no one really knows how much the films influence children.

Adam Driver On Canine Co-Stars, Silent Retreats And Kylo Ren

The "Girls" actor's latest movie, "Silence," is now in wide release.

Hollywood, It's Time We Put The Word 'Ingénue' To Rest

The sexually and racially restrictive archetype has always been troubling.

Great Science Fiction Isn’t Just About Facts. It’s About Imagination.

“The OA” is emotional, spiritual, and humanistic. That doesn’t make it bunk.

The Secret Ingredient To A Successful Film Is Kyle Chandler

The “Friday Night Lights” star discusses being awards season's lucky charm.

From 'Arrival' To 'Zootopia,' A Look At American Politics In 2016's Movies

The big screen reflected the country's social myths.

Boston Bombing Survivors Say It's Not Too Soon For 'Patriots Day'

Terrorism is no match for the citizens of Boston in Peter Berg's film.

When Is On-Screen Assault Okay?

Some directors are pushing against rape as a plot device. But movies like “Elle” handle the sensitive topic with care.

It's Too Late To Quash Casey Affleck’s Oscar Chances

The moment of impact has already passed.

Yup, 'Star Wars' Works Just As Well With Female Heroes

"Rogue One" star Felicity Jones says it's "a film that’s about unity."

Steve Finally Confirms Why He Left 'Blue's Clues'

No, it wasn't to pursue a music career, but he does have a new song.

The Long-Lasting Significance Of 'The Lord Of The Rings' Trilogy

Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen reflect on the 15th anniversary of "Fellowship."

You Almost Never Got To See 'A Charlie Brown Christmas’

The TV special nearly didn't happen, but cartoonist Charles Schulz stood by his beliefs.

An Ode To 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,' The Best Holiday Movie

Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas!

'Moonlight' Director Barry Jenkins On The Beauty Of Diverse Cinema

The "Moonlight" grand slam continues with six Golden Globe nominations.

Mark Burnett Presents: A Donald Trump Inauguration Day

What if reality turned into reality TV?

Why Classic Nickelodeon Shows Were So Memorable

“A lot of [other] cartoons then didn’t really have a personal voice that spoke to kids.”

Remembering The Young Lords, Black Panther Allies History Forgot

The music-infused play "Party People" explores how emotionally taxing it is "to be woke" today.

In 'La La Land,' Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Dance To Their Own Magical Beat

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling headline Damien Chazelle's flourishing musical.

One Thing You Still Didn't Know About 'It's A Wonderful Life'

There's another inspirational message behind the movie.

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