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The Radical Power Of Lana Del Rey's Smile

The image doesn't subscribe to the typical formula demanding women appear "iconic" to garner respect.

Inside One Female Photographer's Mission To Normalize The Nude Male Body

Since 2012, Abigail Ekue has photographed over 500 men, and she's not done yet.

How One Grandma's Modest Closet Found Its Way Into The Met

Sara Berman's belongings became an unlikely meditation on immigration, re-invention and feminine independence.

Gorgeous Portraits Capture Sisterhood Among Muslim American Teenagers

"I now know that there is nothing wrong with me, and that I am just as American as that white boy."

Here's How You Can Help Fight Street Harassment With Public Art

Spread Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's message on International Wheatpasting Night.

Photographer Chronicles The Glamorous Hairstyles Of West Africa's Beauty Salons

“They wanted to look like Rihanna or Beyoncé. Even that was a bit too plain for them.”

Muslim Artist's Dreamy Nude Self-Portraits Show The Power Of Self-Love

“I think I’ve spent like 90% of my life trying to accept that I’m a female and that’s OK."

Behind The Tutus, Ballet Is A Boys' Club. This Ballerina Wants To Fix That.

The ballerina may be the visual symbol of the art form, but men wield most of the creative control.

Photographer Spent 25 Years Documenting Our Absurd Obsession With Wealth

Lauren Greenfield documents how reality TV, social media and Trump changed American values.

101 Portraits Tell The Stories Of People Who Survived Gun Violence In America

Photographer Kathy Shorr sees her portrait series as a non-partisan foil to the polarizing shouting matches on the subject of gun violence.

Meet The Women Directors Revolutionizing Horror Films

Karyn Kusama, Annie Clark and others discuss short filmmaking and working in a male-dominated field.

Delightfully Calm Paintings Provide A More Interconnected Vision Of Humanity

“When you take away everything that the world puts upon us," Laura Berger said, "we are all just these beings that are so similar and so connected."

Artist Creates Haunting Ode To Black Women Who Have Gone Missing

"For every woman there is a family, a mother and a father. For every image there is an infinity of erasure.”

Women’s Bodies Go Uncensored In This Very Real New Photo Collection

"Girl on Girl" editor Charlotte Jansen says, “Women want to be able to celebrate the pure forms of their bodies, just as men have been allowed to for cen...

14 Iranian Artists Explore Just How Complex Identity Can Be

In a tumultuous time for American foreign policy, these artists offer nuanced views of what it means to be Iranian.

201 Artists You Should Remember This International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day and the #5womenartists campaign, we’re once again recognizing the women who left a mark on art history.

Shop Turns Books By Men Backward To Put Women Authors At The Forefront

Loganberry Books is making gender imbalance in the literary world startlingly clear.

Artist Honors The Legacy Of Britain's Radical Suffragettes

Amy Jorgensen prints women's surveillance images atop vintage handkerchiefs to explore possibilities of feminist resistance.

How An 87-Year-Old Japanese Artist Predicted The Power Of The Internet

The iconic artist foresaw a space of radical connectivity and profound isolation 70 years ago.

Artist's Unapologetic Vagina Paintings Are A Force Of Body Positivity

Jacqueline Secor painted her way to self-love, one vulva at a time.

Museums Celebrate The Black Women Artists History Has Overlooked

See their work. Know their names. Learn their stories.

Ghanian-German Artist Uses Clothing To Explore Her Hybrid Identity

Zohra Opoku believes expressing herself through style was key to her early life in East Germany.

Artist Honors History Of Broken Promises That Preceded Standing Rock

Gina Adams' quilts reflect the words of broken treaties between the U.S government and Native American tribes.

Georgia O'Keeffe Didn't Care About Fitting Into Feminine Fashion Ideals

A new show at the Brooklyn Museum celebrates how the artist used fashion and photography to craft her persona.

Can You Name Five Women Artists?

In honor of Women's History Month, we challenge you to name names.

I Expect More From Karlie Kloss And Our White Allies

Cultural appropriation disguised under the clichéd catch-all phrase of “diversity” has a long standing history in this country.

Artists With Disabilities Toy With Gender Norms On And Off The Canvas

At studio-gallery Creative Growth, artists are free to make what they want and be who they are.

Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama Is About To Make 2017 Infinitely Better

Considered one of the most famous living artists in the world, she's lived primarily in a mental hospital since 1975.

Why One Artist Believes Ambivalence Is A Form Of Feminist Resistance

Ambivalently Yours wants young women to embrace their complicated identities.

Artists Honor The Arabic Women Poets Who Used Erotica To Resist

"Radial Love: Female Lust" features 48 women artists from around the world interpreting ancient poetry.

'Drunk Feminist Films' Lets You Get Smashed And Smash The Patriarchy, Too

It's a space for feminists to simultaneously indulge in and criticize Hollywood tropes.

How One Activist Artist Is Using Her Work To Take Trump To Task

Illustrator Shing Yin Khor is a stunning example of how artists can provide concrete means of dissent.

This Artist Sent Her Painting To The New Yorker On A Whim. Now It's The Cover.

Meet Abigail Gray Swartz, the artist who gave Rosie the Riveter the pussy hat she deserves.

Step Into A Feminist Artist's Overgrown Garden Of Girly Delights

Portia Munson explores the gendered history of the color pink in an exhibition that both attracts and repulses.

South African Artist's Erotic Paintings Explore Humanity's Animal Urges

Lady Skollie's visual feasts look sweet, but look out for rotten parts.

Jenny Holzer's 'Nasty' Essays Will Get You Ready For A Revolution

Her 1977 "Inflammatory Essays" are eerily relevant today.

The Body-Positive Artist Bringing Female Pleasure To Instagram

Jordyn McGeachin depicts women being sexual, not sexualized.

Women Across The Country Are Angry, And Artists Are No Exception

The "Angry Women" art show is embracing the power of female rage.

Afrofuturist Artists Craft A Virtual World For Women Of Color

"Neurospeculative AfroFeminism" combines technology and fantasy to expand your imagination and physically optimize your brain.

Artists Are Resisting Trump's Misogyny With X-Rated Erotic Art

Hey Donald, these artists want you to take your "Hands Off My C**try."

16 Writers Reflect On The Magical Meaning Of Michelle Obama

"Many of us saw a Black woman to be admired. A Black woman to be trusted. There it is.”

These Artists Are Out To Destroy The Idea That Men Need To 'Man Up!'

Let's talk about manhood and the problems with toxic gender stereotypes.

Incredible Database Makes It As Easy As Possible To Hire More Women Artists

To the people who say, “Oh, I’d love to hire more talented women illustrators, I just don’t know any.” Now you do.

D.C. Museum's 'Nasty Women' Tour Celebrates Art History's Feminist Heroes

"Here, it’s Women’s History Month every month."

Artists Call For Massive Culture Strike On Inauguration Day

The J20 Art Strike asks museums, galleries, schools, non-profits, theaters and concert halls to refrain from conducting business as usual.

Once Upon A Time, Two Teens Took The Music Patriarchy To Task

This ethereal pop duo can smell your fear. And they like it.

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