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8 Hair Myths That You Should Just Forget Already

Many of us will go to great lengths to keep our hair on point. But could some of your every-day habits ― like washing and styling ― actually be hurting y...

5 Mistakes You're Making When You Air-Dry Your Hair

Yes, you’re air-drying your hair, but that shouldn’t mean you’re not supposed to do anything to it.

The Best Hair Tips You Can Steal From Celebrity Stylists

For Glamour, by Deanna Pai. It’s awards season again. And while La La Land was good and all (or so we’re guessing from those seven Golden Globe ...

'This is amazing help': Free haircuts for students and teachers

It was a busy day for Go Cuts hair salon in Charlottetown, with a line waiting before they opened and a full waiting room for most of the day. It was time for back-to-school haircuts, and on Monday they were on the house.

Kinky, curly, coily hair? There's a made-in-Ottawa app for that

An app created in Ottawa is hoping to connect more black women with hairstylists who know how to work with curly, coily and kinky hair types.

Sudbury barber offering 'a small dignity' with free haircuts for homeless

A Sudbury woman is bringing a whole new meaning to the term "hair care." Barber Sharon Pollock is offering free hair cuts to the homeless at the Samaritan Centre on Elgin Street.

Men Are Color Melting Their Hair. Here's What That Means.

What are all these hair treatments? And do you need them?

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