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Women’s Bodies Go Uncensored In This Very Real New Photo Collection

"Girl on Girl" editor Charlotte Jansen says, “Women want to be able to celebrate the pure forms of their bodies, just as men have been allowed to for cen...

New Canadian Law Bans Mandatory High Heels At Work

Talk about putting their best foot forward.

EPA Budget Cuts Could Make East Chicago's Lead Crisis Worse

Contaminated drinking water adds to the woes of a city already dealing with toxic soil from a Superfund site.

Trump's Hiring Freeze Could Imperil Breakthrough Discovery On Bees

The president's early actions have created uncertainty for the country's scientists, and could be standing in the way of important research.

Get A Big Whiff Of The Future With Virtual Reality Smell Porn

“There are a lot of guys who watch my shows who tell me, ‘God, I wish I could smell you.'"

The 'Next Flint' Could Already Be Happening For 4 Million Americans

A new analysis shows that utilities in small, rural communities are often skipping crucial tests of their water supplies.

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