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Trump And Sessions Could Ruin Conservatives' Plans To Fix The War On Drugs

The attorney general's past suggests he'll push for long prison sentences for even non-violent drug offenses.

Baltimore Wants Police Reform. Trump's DOJ May Not Let That Happen.

Jeff Sessions has "grave concerns" about the proposed agreement addressing the troubled police department.

Jeff Sessions Prepares DOJ For Crackdown On Unauthorized Border-Crossers

"This is the Trump era. The lawlessness, the abdication of the duty to enforce our immigration laws, and the catch-and-release practices of old are over."

Family Immigrant Detention Centers Struggle To Get Child Care Licenses

Texas Republicans want to bend state rules to indefinitely detain immigrant mothers and their children, but they've hit a road bump.

Immigration Agents Won't Stop Making Arrests In Courts, Trump Officials Tell Judge

They urged California's chief justice in a letter to ask her state to drop its policies instead.

Texas Republicans Hope To Give Child Care Licenses To Family Detention Centers

Mothers and children may be separated without the licenses, a private prison executive said.

Trump Team Still Hasn't Defined Those 'Sanctuary Cities' That It Plans To Quash

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says they're thinking hard.

New York Defiant As Trump Threatens Funds Over 'Sanctuary' Immigration Policies

Sanctuary cities say they're on the right side of the law, but that doesn't mean Trump won't try to punish them.

Ana's Fate Rested With An Asylum Officer Who Had Just Been Told To Doubt Her Word

She showed up at the border bearing a scar from a gunshot wound to the head. The Trump administration plans to deport her.

Trump Is Relocating Immigration Judges To Speed Deportations. It May Not Work.

The White House says immigrants are abusing the court system, but judges may not agree.

Texas Police Ask The State Not To Crack Down On Sanctuary Cities

For the second time in six weeks, hundreds of people registered their opposition to a Republican-backed immigration crackdown.

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Would Burn Billions Of Dollars DHS Doesn’t Have

A giant wall and massive staff increases sound like expensive wishful thinking.

Trump’s Trojan Horse Attack on Social Security

No one should be fooled by Trump's campaign promise not to cut Social Security.

More Power For Ivanka And Jared Is A Dangerous Thing

President Trump relies on personal relationships, rather than the institutions of democracy.

Your Financial Life Could Be Ruined If Your Name Is On This Massive Government List

The Treasury Department essentially has a 1,000-page financial no-fly list.

Border Agents Illegally Turned Away Asylum-Seeker And Her Children, Attorney Says

The government told senators that the woman didn't ask for asylum. But she and her lawyer say she tried repeatedly.

Chicago Judge Orders Access To Free Lawyers At Police Stations

Fewer than 1 percent of people in police custody in Cook County ever speak with an attorney.

Hungary Approves Plan To Detain Migrants And Refugees In Camps Of Shipping Containers

Human rights groups have called the move a flagrant violation of international law.

Donald Trump's New Travel Ban Targeting Muslims May Still Be Unconstitutional

Government lawyers will have a hard time arguing that the restrictions don't amount to discrimination against Muslims.

The Health Care Industry Really Doesn't Like GOP's Obamacare Replacement

It's hard to find someone willing to say something nice.

Thousands Shut Down Ireland’s Streets In Legal Abortion Protests

International Women's Day marchers are optimistic, but change in a Roman Catholic country doesn't come so easily.

ICE Detains Woman For A Month Even Though She Says She Qualifies For Citizenship

“She was sleeping on a hard floor with no blankets. There were roaches everywhere," her attorney said.

How To Share Your Political Views On Social Media Without Losing Your Job

Don’t post racist, sexist, or homophobic content.

Trump Officials Credit Him For Fewer Border Crossings. It's Not That Simple.

Critics fear the president is undercutting the asylum process.

Racism Has No Place In Jury Deliberations, Supreme Court Finds

Judges can scrutinize verdicts when jurors may have let racial biases taint decisions, the court says.

Maybe It's Time To Stop Calling The GOP Obamacare Plan A 'Replacement'

It sure wouldn't feel like one to the millions who would lose insurance.

32 Blue Lives Matter Bills Have Been Introduced Across 14 States This Year

The wave of legislation, which classifies violent attacks on police as hate crimes, exposes an appetite to provide political sanctuary to an already prot...

Is The United States Still The United States?

My 10-hour detention at the Houston airport suggests otherwise.

Both Sides In Transgender Battle Want The Supreme Court To Make Its Decision

But the Virginia school board would be fine if it took a little longer.

Santa Cruz Police Accuse Homeland Security Of Lying To Cover Up Immigrant Sweep

"We cannot work with those we cannot trust," the police chief said.

ICE Agents Take Undocumented Mom With Brain Tumor From Hospital To Detention Center

The woman's legal team criticized her treatment, but ICE says she has 24-hour care in custody.

White House Weighing Policy Of Separating Mothers And Children Crossing U.S. Border

Children would be put into protective custody while their parents were held.

The Border Is A Constitution-Free Zone For Agents Who Shoot And Kill. But Maybe Not For Long.

A Mexican teen's death will force the Supreme Court to decide if there can be justice for cross-border violence.

Jeff Sessions Didn't Read DOJ's Chicago Report. But He Thinks It's 'Anecdotal.'

The attorney general signaled a change in the Justice Department's approach to civil rights.

Scott Pruitt Confirmed As EPA Chief Despite New Firestorm Over Emails

Attempts to delay the vote failed, even after a judge ordered Pruitt to release his correspondence with oil and gas companies.

Under Trump, Two Contradictory Factions Are Butting Heads

The "Constitutional Faction" versus the "Authoritarian Faction."

Trump's Labor Nominee Sells His Mansion To Porn Mogul For $8 Million

It's another small reminder of the Trump Cabinet's wealth -- and the CEO-to-worker pay gap in America.

Colorado's Marijuana Industry Is Now Bigger Than Some Countries' Entire GDP

The state collected almost $200 million in taxes last year.

Trump Weighs A Revised Travel Ban

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told reporters that taking the case to the Supreme Court remained a possibility.

Trump Gives Thumbs-Up To Cops Taking More Stuff Away From People

The president endorsed civil asset forfeiture, which lets police seize even innocent people's property.

GOP Bill To Curb Legal Immigration Disproportionately Hits Nonwhite Americans

The legislation would limit family reunification visas, end the diversity lottery and cap refugee resettlement.

Here's What You Need To Know About The Big Court Hearing On Trump's Travel Ban

The president's executive order could remain frozen or move forward, depending on what happens Tuesday.

Emboldened By Trump, Hungary Hardens Draconian Refugee Policies

Budapest announced plans to detain asylum seekers for months while they await approval.

Trump's Immigration Order Is Getting Slammed With Legal Opposition

States, national security veterans and tech companies have mounted fierce opposition to the legality of the travel ban.

Trump Lawyers To Court Reviewing Muslim Travel Ban: Stay Out Of It

The administration is trying to make the case that judicial review of its executive order imperils national security.

Israel Retroactively Legalizes 4,000 Settler Homes

The bill's passage may only be largely symbolic as it contravenes Israeli Supreme Court rulings on property rights.

States Are Trying To Stop Cops From Taking Innocent People's Stuff

The bipartisan push suggests public opinion is now firmly in favor of civil asset forfeiture reform.

United States Judges Are Not Enemies Of The People

In his brazen attempts to subvert the rule of law, President Trump is setting a dangerous precedent.

Acting Attorney General Says DOJ Won't Defend Trump's Ban On Refugees, Travelers

Her decision will almost certainly be reversed once the Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

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