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What's Really Going On Inside Your Favorite Songs?

Hrishikesh Hirway's podcast provides the musical equivalent of a director's commentary, featuring Solange, Metallica, Wilco and more.

Noah Cyrus Reveals Her Next Tattoo & Dishes On Her Famous Family

"If somebody says my voice sounds like my dad or my voice sounds like Miley, I take that as more of a compliment."

Rock Band Fronted By 15-Year-Old Girl Rejects Industry Traditions

The music industry is constantly in flux and if bands aren’t able to adapt to the shifting landscape it’s easy for them to fall by the wayside. Tradition...

How The Grammys Gloss Over Great Indigenous Music Being Made Today

The New Age category, with its history of appropriation, outlives those dedicated to cultural traditions.

Freeloaders: Feeling presidential ...

Tomorrow's a big day for our country — we choose a new president. I think we can all agree that while this election season has been a crazy one, one thing hasn't changed: We still love free stuff. Read on for more.

Weekend Roundup: Baby it's (kinda sorta) cold outside

How is it November already? Thankfully, temperatures are dropping steadily (as much as they can in Charleston), and the bugs are finally taking their seasonal vacation. Come out this weekend and enjoy this fall weather with some great local venues, including art, live performances, and culinary opportunities, just to name a few.

Freeloaders: Free-ky good fun

It's as if Halloween has lasted an entire week ... oh wait ... but alas, we have come to its end, the actual day of Oct. 31. Hip, hip, hooray. Make sure you've got your bowls of candy ready for the kiddos in your neighborhood — it's a great way to show all the young 'uns what freeloading is all about. Speaking of, read on for everything free going down in the Lowcountry this week.

Weekend Roundup: More stuff than you can shake a stick at

Yes, we know it’s Halloweekend. But somewhere between your fifteenth Butterfinger (or your fifth rum-and-coke), you might feel like taking a night off. So hang up your costume for a few hours and take a break. There’s plenty of other fun happening around town this weekend, and we already found the best stuff for you.

Halloweekend is upon us — and we've got all the party deets

It’s here: It’s finally Halloweekend. The usual weekend roundup couldn't possibly contain all of the city's frightening events. We’ll get back to your regularly scheduled programming in a second, but for now, check out just a few of the events that will be terrifying, intoxicating, and entertaining Charleston for the next four days.

Freeloaders: Happy Halloweek Boils & Ghouls

It’s Halloweek, y'all. Some of us don’t need an excuse to dress up in weird clothes and eat candy all week, but for those of you who do, your time has come. There are plenty of parties, trick-or-treating events, and pumpkin carvings to satisfy your seasonal itch. And keep in mind, these are just the freebies. If you’re willing to spring a little cash, check out our Fright Life Calendar for a full roster of local Halloween debauchery.

Weekend Roundup: It's not too early for that costume

This is the last weekend before Halloween, so take a moment (or several) to prepare yourself. Gather your thoughts and hydrate your body. Relax with some classical music or yoga, check out some unconventional art shows, spend time with family. Focus on the good stuff.

Halloween is almost here — and we've got the spots to shop for costumes

We are T-minus 11 days away from Halloween, but let’s be real. We’re mere days away from “Halloweek,” a Charleston tradition that’s as iconic as horse-drawn carriages and (sometimes) just as messy. And that means you need a costume, pronto. Here’s our preview of what’s going to be big on the sidewalks this year and where to snag all your supplies.

Freeloaders: There's no debating this free stuff

So the third presidential debate is on Wednesday. But don’t worry, there’s six other days you can enjoy this week. We’ve rounded up the best art shows, fall festivals, and lectures that are happening this week, all for free.

Weekend Roundup: It's pumpkin season, baby

Fall is here y’all, and the weather is almost too good to be true. You know what else is pretty great? The rescheduled ArtWalk, the pumpkin patch, the fall festival, the outdoor fun, the kid’s events ... but we don’t want to spoil it for you. Read on yourself and find out about all the cool stuff happening around town this weekend.

Businesses give back post-Hurricane Matthew

Thankfully, most of the waters have receded, stray branches have been raked up, and front porches have been swept. After all of Hurricane Matthew's madness, local businesses have decided to give back to the community in celebration of the storm’s end, benefitting both victims and our brave first responders. Check out these great programs that can help get you back on your feet after hurricane Matthew, as well as volunteer opportunities to get active and show the resiliency of the Charleston community.

Lady Gaga's mini-tour will take her to dive bars to unveil 'Joanne' songs

Her shows will live stream on Bud Light's Facebook page.

Freeloaders: There's no debate that free stuff rules

Tonight is the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But there’s good news, too. This week has the MOJA Festival, a celebration of Caribbean and African culture, along with plenty of wine, fashion, and jazz. It’s going to be a fabulous, free week.

Weekend Roundup: Instant pick-me-up

We hear you, the news sucks and the weather is gloomy. But that’s nothing that a little yoga and shrimp can’t fix. Read on for this weekend’s best events, from musicals to markets to mini-bites of amazing food. Come out and see what’s going on in every part of town.

Parents say no more to kids music as they seek alternative options

THEY rocked out at festivals and in the pubs in their youth and now parents are finding family-friendly radio, bands and festivals to enjoy with their children.

Weekend Roundup: It's harvest time

Happy weekend, everyone. And happy harvest moon. There’s a chill in the air and fall is on its way...and we couldn’t be happier. Take advantage of this beautiful weather and check out all that Charleston has to offer this weekend. There’s a little something for everyone.

Weekend Roundup: Yippee Fri-yay

The weekend is here. It's Friday, or Fri-yay, whatever your particular presence. There's a breeze in the air, the sun is up, and the city is teeming with activities. Get out there and get to it, y'all.

The RiverDogs take on Rome in Friday's playoff game

In case y'all haven't noticed, the RiverDogs have been pretty hot lately, and we're not just talking about stud baseball players sweatin' in uniform. The 'Dogs finished up their regular season earlier this week with a big win over the Columbia Fireflies, ending the year with a winning record of 76-63, the best since 2007.

Weekend Roundup: Sup, Hermine?

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone. We hope this inclement weather will pass over soon so that we can enjoy our extra day of fun. Rain or shine, Charleston still hosts plenty of events to keep spirits high throughout this hurricane season.

Scene: One hell of a hootenanny

The Charleston International Film Festival kicked off last week and it’s opening night was a red carpet affair replete with step-and-repeats and Chinese lanterns hanging from the trees overhead. After hitting up the open bar, I watched the screening of The Wannabe, a Martin Scorsese-executive produced film.

Scene: Spooky warehouses and sexy cocktails

I sort of thought I was going to see Drake dance around in a turtleneck when I showed up at 1505 King St. last week. But I was wrong. Instead, in a massive warehouse just slightly past King Street Cabaret strip club I arrived at Igniting Sound + Light, a 5-day popup art installation.

A memorial, a Mac Off, and an ode to a mayor

On a somber Wednesday, I headed to Republic for their event honoring Gary “Gee” Alameda, our local favorite hot dog street vendor, friend, peacemaker, bodyguard, and hero. I was last at Republic on the fateful night of his untimely passing and his infectious presence was very much felt.

Champagne and dining all in white

Kicking things off early in the week, on Tuesday I hit up the Veuve Clicquot Mail Tour at Republic. The event was the after-party for the Clicquot-sponsored Charleston Wine and Food festival party at the William Aiken House, one of a handful of pre-festival events that keeps the buzz (no pun intended) going for the festival up until its March start.

Clubbing on King, hogging some shots, and Talking Heads

I'm not a huge whiskey drinker. But I soldiered on last Wednesday at the "Whiskey After Dark" event. The Local Palate's event promised over 100 different types of whiskey and they certainly did not disappoint.

Self surveillance and slip and slides

Wednesday night I decided to head to Redux to feel out their RIP City sketch comedy show. One duo, consisting of marionettes (basically repurposed baby dolls) had an awesome little dialog that was kind of like an annoying conversation you might hear in a dog park. Think: "Can you say ... Can you say ..." Well, no, they cannot, they are babies, but the obnoxiousness was hilarious.

Scoping West Elm, eating bison sliders, and playing flip cup

The scoop on the big box store moving into iconic Morris Sokol may still be a mystery, but I got to see it's new chain neighbor this week: West Elm. The store behind the catalog that your mom gets had it's grand opening and they did it big — with a DJ, an open wine and beer bar and catering by FIG.

Scene: A weekend of feel-good fundraising

This week was pretty plentiful in the events category. On Wednesday, I headed over HoM for the restaurant's fourth birthday party. Most everything was $4, including sliders and birthday cake shots. They also featured PBR bottle service complete with champagne-style sparklers.

Getting soaked at the Bus Shed and eyeing bikinis at the 'Jammer

This week got real patriotic real quick. On Thursday, I headed over to the Visitor Center Bus Shed to attend Holy City Entertainment's annual pre-Fourth of July party. This event is in its second year and, despite the weather, lived up to the hype.

Getting drinks from Southern Charm's Landon Clement and exorcising demons with Billie Fountain

As Spoleto started to wind down, I thought I knew what I could expect from the week. I was wrong.

Tippling at Warehouse, reggae-ing at Biergarten, and golfing at Hampton park

After an almost comical Cinco de Mayo last week, we decided to head to Warehouse on Monday to experience Tad Carducci's new book Tippling Bros.: A Lime and a Shaker. Paul Tanguay and Carducci, a.k.a. the Tippling Brothers, call themselves libation libertines (something we aspire to). We usually stick to throwing some ice chips in a glass of Ketel and calling it a day.

A liver-testing tribute to the Battle of Puebla

Much like the Battle of Puebla, last week was all about France and Mexico. For Cinco de Mayo, we went OFF. Literally. We took a couple of days off work to deliberately over-celebrate the occasion. It all started at Mex 1 Coastal Cantina. There we witnessed a choking child that really alarmed us.

Easter bunnies, break dancers, and Ketel One

After a post-Carolina Cup self-imposed hibernation, we reemerged from the crawlspace beneath our all-time low to attend Wednesday's Best of Charleston party at the TD Arena.

Dragoon punch, Pecha Kucha, and some obnoxious wine lovers

The Charleston Wine + Food Festival punched us in the face. We got it started off with an event that incorporated our two favorite subjects: history and booze — Charleston Brown Water Society’s classic punch event at McCrady’s.

A barrel-aged bash, oysters at Bull Street, and artwork at The Barrel

As a kickoff to Brewvival weekend, Thursday night we rolled up to Park Circle for Mixson's Barrel-Aged Bash featuring Durham's Fullsteam Brewery, and Charleston's own High Wire Distilling Co.

Dodging the Viet Cong, watching Mr. Bonetangles, and eating wings

We got real rural, real quick Saturday afternoon when we headed out to Legare Farms for the Battle of Charleston. Now in its 11th year, this reenactment showcases numerous conflicts in American history — from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam.

Taking flight on the Yorktown and hearing some dog-gone good Southern Charm gossip

Last Tuesday, literally everyone in the Holy City went to Republic Garden Lounge for their charity event benefitting Toby's Fund, which helps rehabilitate injured and abandoned animals at the Charleston Animal Society.

M. Dumas & Sons welcomes new CEO on the eve of its 100th anniversary

M. Dumas & Sons, downtown Charleston's long-time specialty menswear retailer, is in new hands. Gary Flynn, former Senior Director at Samsung Retail Design and Merchandising, has been appointed as the new President and CEO of the company. Flynn has been in menswear for years, boasting a 27-years tenure with Nordstrom and the title of Senior Vice President of Product Merchandising of Hugo Boss, Americas.

Charleston date ideas on the cheap

Picture it: you're pretending to complete your biology lab when your gorgeous lab partner catches you staring. Well, now you have to say something. "Do you want to hang out sometime?" you mumble. They respond in the affirmative, and then ask, "What should we do?"

Freeloaders: Free-o 2016

The Olympics kicked off this past weekend, and if you're like us, you got all kinds of excited about the international games poppin' off. It's free to watch TV at home, or you could put on your wallet-chain-free cargo shorts, and get out of the house to check out all of these free events in Charleston.

Kanye West has an incredible flying stage, and it looks like the future of concerts

Kanye West's flying stage on his new "Saint Pablo" tour is just the latest in a series of West's concert spectacles.

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