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Noah Cyrus Reveals Her Next Tattoo & Dishes On Her Famous Family

"If somebody says my voice sounds like my dad or my voice sounds like Miley, I take that as more of a compliment."

Celeb superlatives: Taylor, Miley and Steve

Here's the latest celebrity news for highlights ... and lowlights.

Miley Cyrus Officially Out Miley'd Herself on the Campaign Trail

Pop singer stopped by a university in Virginia Saturday

Hillary Clinton urges Pa. voters to sway Trump backers, drop him

Hillary Clinton appealed to voters in Pennsylvania, hoping they can convince Donald Trump supporters to drop their candidate.

Straight Up Hollywood podcast: Weed for charity?

We discuss Snoop auctioning a blunt and going viral with Ben Affleck.

‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton uses his last steal on Bindi Liebowitz

The battle between Liebowitz and Brendan Fletcher is unbelievable.

Gwen Stefani will return in February for 'Voice' Season 12, replacing Miley Cyrus

Get ready to watch the sparks fly between Stefani and her beau, Blake Shelton.

Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Identifying as Pansexual

"My eyes started opening in the fifth or sixth grade," she said.

‘The Voice’ Judge Miley Cyrus’ Team So Far – 10/10/2016

Miley Cyrus, one of the judges on "The Voice" 2016, has a cast of winners on her hands so far, each one hoping to dominate season 11.

Miley Cyrus has come out as pansexual

Miley Cyrus opened up about her sexuality in a revealing interview with Variety.

Miley Cyrus slams 'Supergirl' because of gendering of the character

Pop singer Miley Cyrus is coming out against the popular CW superhero show "Supergirl," saying the gendering of the title character is "weird."

What does it mean to be pansexual?

Miley Cyrus spoke openly about coming out as pansexual earlier this week, but the concept remains unfamiliar for many.

Miley Cyrus talks gender, pansexuality and coming out to her parents

"I just felt that one day they are going to understand."

‘Pansexual’ Miley Cyrus slams ‘dated’ concept behind ‘Supergirl’ TV show

In a new interview with Variety, actress and singer Miley Cyrus took aim at sexism in Hollywood, singling out the CW network’s “Supergirl” series as trafficking in a “dated” and sexist paradigm for entertainment.

Miley Cyrus reveals the moment she came out as pansexual

Miley Cyrus thinks a "P" should be added to LBGTQ.

WATCH: Paterson's We McDonald advances on 'The Voice' with killer 'Maybe'

On the first night of the battle rounds of 'The Voice' season 11, We McDonald was pitted against fellow soul singer Lauren Diaz on Janis Joplin's 'Maybe'

Miley Cyrus speaks out: 'Supergirl' is a woman, 'not a little girl'

Miley Cyrus is taking issue with the CW series, 'Supergirl,' because she says having a show with a gender attached to it is 'weird.'

‘Crisis in Six Scenes’: Woody Allen Sabotages His Own TV Show

The auteur’s new Amazon comedy betrays his own disdain for television and for worlds outside his own. The result is a lazy, uninteresting mess.

Miley Cyrus is just being 60s Miley in ‘Crisis in Six Scenes’

Miley Cyrus and her character, Lennie, have a few things in common.

With 'The Voice' and 'Crisis,' Miley Cyrus' flower-child persona grows up

This fall, Cyrus reintroduces herself in two new projects.

As a TV series, Woody Allen's 'Crisis in Six Scenes' offers many pleasures of a Woody Allen movie

At the age of 80, Woody Allen has written, directed and is starring in his first television series, "Crisis in Six Scenes," made for Amazon and available to stream in its entirety beginning Friday. As may be said of Allen’s remarkably prolific and long-lived film career, it has its better and worse, its sharper and duller points; but as the work that has returned Elaine May to public view, it can only be welcomed, with rose petals and trumpets. And it does well by her.

Miley Cyrus Fills In for Ellen DeGeneres on Her Talk Show

Ellen DeGeneres took a rare sick day from her daily talk show Wednesday, and frequent guest Miley Cyrus came in to save the day as fill-in host.DeGeneres broke the news on Twitter, writing, “The bad news is I’m sick & can’t tape my show today. The good news is @MileyCyrus dropped everything to...

Review: 'Crisis in Six Scenes' is a shiny, familiar Woody Allen bauble

Six-episode Amazon series stars Allen, Elaine May and Miley Cyrus as a disruptive houseguest.

Seth Meyers is so thirsty for Miley Cyrus' friendship on 'Late Night'

He used more effort than Gretchen Wieners trying to make fetch happen.

Corey Feldman will return to “Today” in spite of ridicule

The “Goonies” and “Stand By Me” actor is surprisingly self-aware about his viral experience

‘The Voice’ Judge Miley Cyrus & Fiance Liam Hemsworth 2016

Miley Cyrus of "The Voice" 2016, has been engaged to Liam Hemsworth off and on for years and they continue to be headed towards a wedding. Read on for the latest.

'The Voice' season 11: When does it start, who is Wé McDonald, can you watch online?

Season 11 of the NBC reality competition show 'The Voice,' with judges Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys, will start on Monday night. Past winners have included Alisan Porter, Jordan Smith and

Miley Cyrus renounces red carpets

The singer says she won't walk red carpets anymore

'That's not how I roll': Miley Cyrus vows to 'never' walk a red carpet again

Miley Cyrus has vowed in a new interview to "never" walk a red carpet again.

WATCH: Miley Cyrus Featured in Woody Allen’s ‘Crisis in Six Scenes’

Miley Cyrus is among the highlights of the first trailer for Crisis in Six Scenes, Woody Allen's first work in television since the early 1960s.

Miley Cyrus says no more red carpets and no more publicists

It sounds like the outlandish Miley Cyrus we used to know is long-gone now.

Miley Cyrus Says She 'Will Never Do a Red Carpet Again'

"Why, when people are starving, am I on a carpet that's red?"

Miley Cyrus has lost sleep, been covered in rashes over guilt

'There are children being sold into sex slavery; how can I go on a hike right now?' she asks in an 'Elle' cover story.

Miley Cyrus: No more red carpets for me

Being on the red carpet reminds Miley Cyrus of Zoolander.

Liam Hemsworth Revisits Filming The Last Song With Miley Cyrus

The actor and pop star first sparked romantic flames on the set of the Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie

Miley Cyrus’ homeless date from 2014 VMAs is selling her Moonman

The once homeless man Miley Cyrus took to the VMAs two years ago is trying to cash in.

Britney Spears Compares Her Niece To Miley Cyrus (In A Good Way)

Tongue wags for all, and all for tongue wags.

Miley Cyrus' homeless VMAs date is selling her Moonman on Ebay

Jesse Helt posted the trophy with a starting bid of $10,000.

Photos: See Miley Cyrus in Woody Allen's Amazon show, 'Crisis in Six Scenes'

Our first photos from Woody Allen's forthcoming Amazon series are here.

Remember Miley Cyrus' Homeless VMAs Date? He's Selling Her Moonman For 15K

“In mint condition. Very rare one of a kind. No fingerprints."

Your First Official Look at Miley Cyrus in Woody Allen's New Series

Crisis in Six Scenes will debut on Friday, Sept. 30 on Amazon Prime Video

How do you shake up 'The Voice' bromance? With Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and 'Jolene'

On this season of America Sings Karaoke, two ladies are here to breakup the bros.

'The Voice' Judges Kick Off Season 11 With Powerhouse Performance

Let's be honest -- Miley totally steals the show.

The Voice Honors Christina Grimmie In Season 11 Premiere

Find out what else happened in the post-Olympics sneak peek

TV tonight: Closing ceremony, 'Fear the Walking Dead'

What's worth watching, and what might not be, in prime time

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