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"Hazing" rituals await Supreme Court's "junior justice" Neil Gorsuch

As the newest Supreme Court justice he will be called on to open doors and sit on the cafeteria committee.

Senate battle over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has been relatively mild, but that's about to change

Confirming President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court was expected to be one of the biggest battles of the year. So far, it hasn't been. But that likely will change on Monday.

Essential Politics: To Russia, with (no signs of) love

President Trump's top diplomat arrives for tense talks in Russia, while a Kansas special congressional election has everyone looking for the Trump effect.

Neil Gorsuch Sworn In As America's 113th Supreme Court Justice

Following a bitter confirmation fight, the high court's newest member is expected to serve for decades.

Democrats Contemplate How To Forfeit Their Power Upon Regaining The Senate

Senators say they're open to restoring the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees.

As the freshman Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch will have 'cafeteria duty' and a few other hazing rituals

The menial duties for the newest justice are tradition, but not a bad deal for a job that comes with lifetime tenure and the prestige of a high court seat.

AP Review: Neil Gorsuch hews close to judicial precedent on education

The Supreme Court nominee's legal record shows he has embraced a bare-bones standard of education for disabled children

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch describes his most significant cases

Nominee returns 68-page questionaire to Senate Judciary Committee ahead of March confirmation hearings

Spicer gets into heated exchange with reporters after insisting Gorsuch's comments had nothing to do with Trump

Sean Spicer acknowledged that Trump levied attacks on the judiciary and that Gorsuch said attacks on the judiciary were "disheartening."

Commentary: What Gorsuch could mean to big labor

Trump's pick for the court will likely decide on a case with profound significance for public-sector unions

'You saw this pick cheered among the business community': What Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nod could mean for the business world

Neil Gorsuch is widely expected to favor big business should he be confirmed to the court.

Mike Pence warns Democrats against filibuster of Supreme Court pick

In remarks to the Federalist Society in Philadelphia, Pence also highlighted his family's immigrant history

Can Donald Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Be Stopped?: "Trump Civics 101"

Simple answer :  Yes How? The Democrats in The Senate can "Filibuster" the nomination.  What does that mean?...

GOP pushes two top Cabinet picks through to full Senate

Republicans jammed two of President Donald Trump's top Cabinet picks through the Senate Finance Committee with no Democrats in the room Wednesday after suspending a rule that would have otherwise barred them from taking the vote.

Essential Politics: The reality show revealing of a Supreme Court pick

It felt for a moment on Tuesday night as though President Trump was going to ask for the envelope before revealing a decision whose consequences could last longer than any other he’ll make in the White House .

Meet Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Media reports have indicated that Trump has narrowed his list to three candidates: Gorsuch, William Pryor, and Thomas Hardiman.

Chuck Schumer blasts Trump's Supreme Court pick, setting up lengthy Senate battle

Schumer has vowed to oppose any nominee outside "the legal mainstream."

Meet Judge Neil Gorsuch — a frontrunner for Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Media reports have indicated that Trump has narrowed his list to three candidates: Gorsuch, William Pryor, and Thomas Michael Hardiman.

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