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Tensions across Asia present challenges to secretary of State's first visit

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson heads on his first trip to Asia with the threat of North Korean nuclear weapons shadowing U.S. diplomacy.

Trump arrives in Florida for high-stakes summit with Chinese leader

President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet in Palm Beach for the first time since Trump’s campaign, in which he labeled China a currency manipulator that was hurting American workers.

Trump's 'All Options Are On The Table' North Korea Strategy Makes Things Much Worse For The U.S.

If the administration thinks threats will motivate China to put more pressure on Pyongyang or faze Kim Jong Un, it’s badly mistaken.

Trump And Xi Can Reach Mutually Agreeable Solutions On North Korea And Trade

The upcoming summit meeting holds promise for a “new type of great power relationship.”

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike On U.S. Mainland As Warships Approach

“Our revolutionary strong army is keenly watching every move by enemy elements."

China Tells North Korean Coal Ships To Go Home

The move may be a sign Beijing is fed up with its nuclear neighbor.

What You Need To Know About North Korea's Nuclear Aspirations

Experts say the country's nuclear weapons tests are stronger than ever.

Trump had 'very good' call with China's Xi, who urged a peaceful resolution of North Korea tension

Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the situation in North Korea with U.S President Donald Trump on a telephone call on Wednesday.

Whatever Trump said to China about North Korea, it seems like it worked

With military options unlikely, "I think that [the Chinese] are quite worried about what Trump might do in the area of trade and economics."

Malaysia detains woman as probes widen into killing of North Korean leader’s half-brother

Kim Jong Nam, estranged from the North’s ruling dynasty, was apparently poisoned in an airport attack.

N. Korean leader’s half brother killed in Malaysia in possible poison attack, police say

The apparent targeted slaying will spark theories on the state of the North’s leadership.

Inside Trump's looming nuclear crisis with North Korea

The North Korean leader wants to put a nuclear warhead on a missile and aim it at the United States. Is there still time to stop him?

Kim Jong-nam assassination: Two women, one man arrested in Malaysia

Two women and a man have been arrested in the killing of Kim Jong-nam, the North Korean leader’s half brother who was reportedly poisoned this week by a pair of female assassins as he waited for a flight in Malaysia, police said Thursday.

Kim Jong Nam killing: Second woman arrested in Malaysia

Malaysia police say a second woman has been arrested in connection with the killing of North Korea leader’s half brother.

Veteran investigator urges UN to prepare a case against North Korea for crimes against humanity

The call came amid an international furor over the murder of Kim Jong Un's estranged half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, in Malaysia last month.

Japan lawmakers want first strike options as North Korea's missile threat grows

Japanese lawmakers are pushing harder for Japan to develop the ability to strike preemptively at the missile facilities of its nuclear-armed neighbor.

Video Emerges Of Man Claiming To be Son Of Murdered North Korean

A group that said it helped rescue the 21-year-old and his family posted the video online.

NORTH KOREA: Missile tests were practice runs to hit the US military in Japan

North Korea is "practicing launching a nuclear-armed missile and hitting targets in Japan as if this was a real war."

The US has been conducting a secret cyberwar against North Korea's nukes — with surprising results

"If you think that war is possible with a given state, you're going to be trying to prepare the battle space ... In the internet age, that means hacking."

North Korea just tested 4 more ballistic missiles — and 3 landed in Japanese waters

The firings are believed to be retaliation to annual US and South Korean military exercises, which began Wednesday.

Malaysia expells its North Korean ambassador to protect the state's 'sovereignty and dignity'

Malaysian authorities have expelled North Korea's ambassador from the country.

Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador over Kim Jong Nam killing

North Korean leader’s estranged half-brother died after being attacked in Kuala Lumpur airport; the two nations differ sharply on incident’s details

North Korea fires ballistic missiles into ocean, South Korea's military says

The firing was an apparent reaction to huge military drills by Washington and Seoul that Pyongyang insists are an invasion rehearsal

North Korean diplomat says Kim Jong Nam was killed by a heart attack, not a nerve agent

North Korea says Kim Jong Nam died of a heart attack, not nerve agent

Police say Kim Jong Un's half brother was killed with a nerve agent. What are the clues to this bizarre international mystery?

he assassins who apparently killed the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half-brother this month is bizarre, unfolding story that has sparked media frenzies and diplomatic tensions across Asian.

Nerve agent was used to kill North Korean leader's half brother, police say

Police in Malaysia say the half brother of North Korea's leader who was killed in a Kuala Lumpur airport more than a week ago had a nerve agent on his eye and his face.

Why has South Korea quadrupled the amount it will pay North Korean defectors?

South Korea hopes it will attract elite defectors from the North to share state secrets.

North Korea Fires 4 Missiles Into Sea

It's the latest in a string of test launches ordered by Kim Jong Un.

Dennis Rodman Tries To School West Point Cadets On Kim Jong Un

"To me, Kim is just a normal guy," he told an alternative diplomacy panel at the military academy.

Malaysia protecting its 'dignity' in expelling North Korea ambassador

Malaysia is protecting its "sovereignty and dignity" by expelling the North Korean ambassador, the prime minister said Monday, as relations between the countries unraveled further over the poisoning of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half brother of North Korea's leader.

North Korea fires 4 banned ballistic missiles into sea

North Korea on Monday fired four banned ballistic missiles that flew about 1,000 kilometres on average, with three of them landing in waters that Japan claims as its exclusive economic zone, South Korean and Japanese officials said. The test-launches appeared to be a reaction to huge U.S.-South Korean military drills that those countries consider routine but that Pyongyang insists are an invasion rehearsal.

Indonesian woman tricked into attack that killed North Korean leader's half brother, police chief says

The Indonesian woman arrested on suspicion of involvement in the killing of the North Korean leader's half brother in Malaysia was duped into thinking she was part of a comedy show prank, Indonesia's national police chief said Friday, citing information received from Malaysian authorities.

Malaysia arrests North Korean man in connection with death of Kim Jong Un’s half brother

A verbal tug-of-war has broken out over the body of Kim Jong Nam, whom South Korean officials described as an assassination victim.

Dispute over Kim Jong Nam's body as assassination probe continues

A dispute over custody of the body of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half-brother is raging between Malaysia and Pyongyang as inquiries continue into his apparent assassination.

Malaysia says it needs kin's DNA before releasing Kim Jong-Un's half-brother's body

"We need to collect DNA samples from the next-of-kin in order to get conclusive evidence on the victim's identity."

Malaysia Arrests North Korean Man As Row Over Kim Jong Nam's Death Escalates

The estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un died this week after being assaulted at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

North Korea, Malaysia tussle over Kim Jong Nam's corpse

At a hospital morgue in Malaysia's capital, the tightly guarded corpse of Kim Jong Nam has become the focus of a dizzying case of international intrigue involving five countries, combative North Korean diplomats and an apparently duped female assassin.

North Korean loudspeakers could break the news of death of Kim Jong Un's half-brother

South Koreans want their northern neighbors, who are only fed propaganda, to know what really happened, NBC News reports.

North Korea's history of using female spies

Here is a look at some of North Korea's most famous female spies.

A North Korea defector explains why female assassins are now the regime's weapon of choice

"Good looks are essential but this is different from any beauty contest."

North Korea says nuclear-capable ballistic missile test was a success

North Korea said on Monday it had successfully test-fired a new type of medium- to long-range ballistic missile the previous day.

UN to hold urgent meeting on North Korea missile launch

The United States, Japan and South Korea have asked for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council on North Korea's ballistic missile launch.

For the first time since Trump took office, N. Korea fires ballistic missile

U.N. Security Council is set to meet in urgent closed-door consultations Monday at request of U.S., South Korea and Japan, an official confirmed

Trump Has Few Options To Counter A Belligerent North Korea

Any U.S. military response would likely trigger a regional war.

North Korea says test launch of new missile type a success, nuclear capable

North Korea said it had successfully test-fired a new type medium-to-long-range ballistic missile on Sunday.

North Korea challenges Trump with 'ballistic missile launch': Here's what you should know

Military in Seoul said that the missile flew 310 miles into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Senior North Korean defector says his sons were reason he fled

The highest-level North Korean diplomat to defect to South Korea said Wednesday that he decided to flee last year because he didn't want his children to live miserable lives in the North.

North Korea ready to test fire ICBM ‘any time, any place’: Official

The launch would be a major step in country's goal of targeting U.S. mainland, NBC News reports.

North Korea’s elite ski resort is kept open by work gangs that include some children

The "back-breaking," "bone-chilling" handiwork is a product of the authoritarian state, NBC News reports.

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