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Inside One Female Photographer's Mission To Normalize The Nude Male Body

Since 2012, Abigail Ekue has photographed over 500 men, and she's not done yet.

Lawmakers decry "degrading" Marine Corps nude photo scandal

NCIS investigating reports that Marines shared naked photographs of female Marines and veterans and on a secret Facebook page

Nova Scotia teens stored up to 75 intimate images on Dropbox: court documents

Police uncovered up to 75 intimate images of teenage girls in an investigation centering around a single Nova Scotia school, and heard at least one photo was snapped while a girl was changing without her knowledge, according to court documents.

Schoolgirl porn ring back online

THE disgusting pornography ring targeting Australian schools and universities has re-emerged online just 10 days after police managed to have it taken down.

Case of teens accused of sharing intimate images important: prosecutor

The 'large-scale' case of six teenaged boys accused of keeping intimate photos on a Dropbox account will be an early test of a law designed to combat the unwanted online sharing of naked images, a prosecutor said Tuesday after a brief court hearing.

Six male teens charged with sharing intimate photos to appear in court

One of the early tests of a new law aimed at combating illegal online sharing of intimate images will be before a youth court today, with police alleging six Nova Scotia youths shared intimate images of more than 20 underaged women.

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