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Trump And Sessions Could Ruin Conservatives' Plans To Fix The War On Drugs

The attorney general's past suggests he'll push for long prison sentences for even non-violent drug offenses.

Some Theories On Trump's Bizarre Misuse Of Quotation Marks

And while we're at it, let's look at those parentheses.

Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court After Historic Blockade Of Obama's Nominee

Republicans blew up the rules to force Donald Trump's nominee through.

Schumer Trolls GOP Over Trump's Comparison Of America To Putin

“Where are you? You know if a Democrat said it, you’d be just howling at the moon," he said.

Democrats Vow Dual Probes Of Trump's Russia Ties

“Nothing less than our system of checks and balances, democratic institutions, the rule of law and our national security is at stake,” Minority Leader Ch...

7 Secret Keys To Sean Spicer's Very Republican Holocaust Gaffe

Spicer reflects his entire party, not just himself or the man for whom he works.

We Need An Independent Investigation Into Trump's Russia Ties

During an April 2 interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Arizona Senator John McCain blasted House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes for destroying any semblanc...

Can Policy Polling Be Trusted?

Surveys measuring public opinion on political issues face a different set of challenges than most election polls.

A Kansas Special Election Just Shook Up Washington

Republican Ron Estes won a race seen as an opportunity for Democrats to rebuke President Donald Trump.

Scott Walker Moves To Kill A Century-Old Nature Magazine, And Readers Are Furious

The GOP governor claims the publication doesn't fit the Department of Natural Resources' core mission.

Why Sean Spicer Shouldn't Be Fired For Hitler Comments

They were poorly-chosen words that he sincerely apologized for.

Republican Governors Keep Vetoing Legislation That Would Make Voting Easier

Three Republican governors have vetoed automatic voter registration bills in the past two years.

Democrats Who Support Neil Gorsuch Will Pay A Price, Progressive Groups Warn

Opponents of the Supreme Court nominee are getting serious ahead of this month's confirmation hearings.

Here's How We Can Finally See Trump's Tax Returns

We need to stop American Democracy from turning into a subsidiary of Trump International.

Bernie Sanders Has A Plan To Win Back Trump Voters

The Vermont senator says the Democratic Party has shown "enormous neglect" resulting in "an ultimate failure."

How To Lose Your 'Presidential Pivot' In Seven Days

A week ago, the media praised Donald Trump for being a changed man. He spent the next seven days changing back.

GOP Rushes Forward With Its Health Care Bill

They don't know what it will actually do, but that's not stopping them.

Trump Met Russian Ambassador During The Campaign, Despite Denials

On April 27, Trump met Sergey Kislyak in Washington, D.C., before a big foreign policy speech.

The Health Care Industry Really Doesn't Like GOP's Obamacare Replacement

It's hard to find someone willing to say something nice.

Conservatives Pick Up 'Mixed Messages' From White House On Health Care

And they don't think the GOP House bill will pass.

Betsy DeVos Meets With Trans Students After Dismantling Their Rights

The education secretary was "very respectful," but she didn't have much to say, according to parents.

White House Preemptively Attacks Congressional Budget Office On Obamacare Bill

The independent analyst hasn't even weighed in yet on the GOP health care bill.

Conservatives Find A Paul Ryan Workaround On Health Care: Donald Trump

When one parent gives you the answer you don't want...

Maybe It's Time To Stop Calling The GOP Obamacare Plan A 'Replacement'

It sure wouldn't feel like one to the millions who would lose insurance.

Trump Claims Obama Ordered Wire Tap On Trump Tower Before Election Victory

But he offered no evidence to back up the claims.

Just A Reminder That Trump Has Still Provided Zero Evidence Of Voter Fraud

Evidence disproving it, however, keeps rolling in.

Trump Makes His First Visit To A School As President, And It's A Private Religious One

President Trump has consistently emphasized school choice plans that give children the option to attend private schools.

Under Trump, Conservatives Put Less Urgency On Ending DACA

But some are getting impatient as he fails to fulfill a top campaign promise.

Donald Trump Says Immigration Reform Is Possible -- But Gives No Details

Mostly, the president delivered a mixed message portraying immigrants as criminals.

It’s Like Trump Has Nixon’s Playbook

Real scandals, as opposed to fake ones, follow a pattern.

From Despair To Anger To Determination: A Ground-Level View Of The Democratic Evolution

Delaware's Stephanie Hansen had a unique look at how the party's mood was changing.

Conservatives Face A Choice On Obamacare: Trump Or Their Principles

They were the ones calling for repeal the loudest. Now they might be the ones to blow it up.

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Investigations

The attorney general bowed to mounting pressure over newly reported meetings with the Russian ambassador.

Trump Team's Ties To Russia Face Sharper Scrutiny Amid New House Probe And Explosive Reports

Pressure grows for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from investigations into the scandal.

Republicans Think Trump Gave Them What They Wanted. They Should Think Again.

GOP lawmakers might soon realize that the president has boxed them in with impossible promises.

Democrats On Donald Trump's Address To Congress: It Was 'Surreal'

"It actually felt a little bit like The Hunger Games at points."

Jeff Sessions Started The Week Defining His Agenda. He Ends It Fighting For His Legacy.

Less than a month into his job, the attorney general has made big changes to the Justice Department.

Trump Administration Repeatedly Denied There Was Any Contact With Russia During Campaign

It wasn't just one person. Or two. There's a growing list of people who had such communications.

Trump Aims To Destroy Obama Politically And Personally

From the start, Obama was Trump’s political meal ticket.

3 Terrifying Reasons For Trump's Latest Rant

No president can order a wiretap on his own.

The One Question Constituents Should Be Asking Their Republican Senators

President Trump and Congressional Republicans are playing politics with my clients’ lives.

Trump Could Lower The Minimum Wage For Federal Contract Workers

Luis Chiliquinga and his colleagues convinced Obama to sign executive orders improving their pay and working conditions. But these days Trump holds the pen.

New Yorker Cartoonist Explains Why Humor Is The Heartbeat Of Democracy

Tom Toro is the cartoonist who nailed the real horror of Trump's first address to Congress.

Lindsey Graham Nails The Problem With Trump's Wiretapping Claims

If Obama got a warrant to eavesdrop, then Trump probably did something wrong, the South Carolina senator noted.

What It Really Means To 'Defund' Planned Parenthood

It's just taking away people's options.

A Mild-Mannered Woman From Washington Is The Democrats' Deadliest Weapon

President Trump's nominees have not fared well going through Sen. Patty Murray's HELP Committee. Andrew Puzder never made it.

New Poll Suggests 'Fake News' Has Almost No Meaning Anymore

It's pretty much down to "news you don't like." And Russia.

Trump's Press Conference Had One Goal: Keep The Senate GOP In Line

It's Trump's World now, if Congress can stand to live in it.

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