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Don't see Trump rally ending any time in the immediate future, expert says

Oliver Pursche explains why he's still investing in this market.

With market's 'excessive optimism,' investors should look at the 'anti-Trump trade': Expert

The stock market is suffering from overconfidence, but there are still opportunities if investors know where to look, Larry Glazer says.

'This market is going to look undervalued when we look back,' says expert

President Donald Trump's tax cuts will boost economic growth and push stocks even higher, Fairfax Global Markets' Paul Dietrich says.

Market is discounting rhetoric coming out of Trump administration, trader says

Despite fears about Donald Trump's recent protectionist moves, the market is focusing on the positive, trader Jeff Kilburg told CNBC on Wednesday.

Market pausing now, but more all-time highs ahead, expert predicts

President Donald Trump's tax cuts and deregulation should push corporate profits and stocks higher, Ken Moraif said.

UBS sets 2,325 price target for S&P 500 by mid year

UBS is "relatively constructive" on the outlook for US equities in 2017, saying the benchmark S&P 500 index could rise to 2,325 over the next six months.

Are bonds always the safest investment bet? That depends on what kind of investor you are

Many investors think that all bond investments are risk-free. The truth is a lot more complicated, especially for near-retirees, say financial advisors.

Market should rally another 10 percent next year, strategist predicts

Positive economic data and some of President-elect Donald Trump's policies should move stocks higher in 2017, Robert Pavlik says.

S&P: Trump tax cuts could produce 'eye-popping' market gains

S&P estimates that the impact of Donald Trump slashing the highest-in-the-world U.S. corporate tax rate could produce an 11 percent boost.

The top 10 investment ideas for 2017: UBS

These investment ideas will help your money grow no matter what the political environment, says UBS's Mark Haefele.

In Trump market rally, infrastructure may be overdone, strategist says

Citi's Tobias Levkovich is not convinced about Donald Trump's infrastructure plans, but sees other positives for the market.

Hedge funder Steve Cohen is officially on the index fund bandwagon

Cohen, formerly of SAC Capital and now head of Point72 Asset Management, has taken a stake in Acorns Grew, which has developed an app for millennials.

Fear and emotion cannot be part of your investment decisions

While we can't escape the ups and downs in markets that come with being a long-term investor, there are smart ways to manage through volatility.

On eve of election, experts caution not to let politics sway investments

The U.S. stock market rallied on the eve of the presidential election, but experts told investors to try not to position around the event.

Regardless of who wins Tuesday, the bigger political storm is just getting started

Tuesday's presidential election will produce a longer-lasting political effect regardless of outcome: a rise in populist fervor unlikely to abate.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump is the investment opportunity

Does a Trump victory really sound so much worse than a major China slowdown or Britain's exit from the European Union?

Clinton win could be worse for Nov-Dec stock market than Trump: Economist

In election years, the stock market tends to perform better in November and December when a Republican wins, Chase's Anthony Chan tells CNBC.

This sector looks like a winner regardless of what happens in the election

Many more defense companies are on tap to report quarterly earnings this week, with General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon among the bigger names.

Investors are hoping for this election result

The latest evidence of the stock market's preference for this candidate in the White House comes from a new study from the Brookings Institution.

Op-Ed: She bought just 3 shares and became a multimillionaire

Investors and Wall Street gurus favor dividend-paying stocks for their steady returns. For most Americans, they are among the surest paths to wealth.

Strategist: Upward pressure on the Fed improves outlook for 2017

Upward pressure on the Fed with rising inflation expectations paints a better picture for 2017, strategist Jim Paulsen says.

US stocks are 'pretty attractive,' Morgan Stanley's Adam Parker says

Compared to other investment alternatives, U.S. equities look like pretty good risk reward, Morgan Stanley's Adam Parker says.

Now is the time to start making next year's biggest trades

Portfolio rebalancing at year-end is a common practice for investors and recommended by advisors but can easily slip into market timing.

Investors facing a 'hidden risk,' JPMorgan strategist says

Diversification usually means stocks and bonds, but both could take a hit when yields rise, JPMorgan's Dubravko Lakos-Bujas says.

A big bounce in stocks may come after the presidential election

If Clinton wins the presidential election, stocks will rally, according to historical trend data. As the race tightens, expect more volatility.

Honeywell tracking for worst day since 2008 following forecast update

Honeywell lowered the upper end of its 2016 sales and profit forecast range, partly due to fewer business jet and general aviation shipments.

Stocks eye flat open amid Fed speakers; Deutsche Bank eyed

In Europe, shares of stricken German lender Deutsche Bank were higher in their first day of trading following a long weekend.

Wall Street wakes up to the possibility of a Trump win

For more than a year, Wall Street pros had been treating Trump's candidacy as a sideshow not to be taken seriously.

Wall Street doesn’t see Donald Trump's ‘big, fat, ugly’ market bubble

Donald Trump warned of a stock market bubble during the first presidential debate, but financial professionals told CNBC they don't buy it.

Stocks are stuck in a holding pattern despite the Fed, Fidelity analyst says

Stocks rebounded after the Fed left interest rates unchanged, but more gains depend on the return of earnings growth, Fidelity's Jurrien Timmer says.

Real estate funds just clocked their best week of inflows ever

Global real estate funds have seen their biggest week of inflows on record, according to new research, with U.S.-based funds taking the lion's share.

The bull market is still intact, strategist says

There will be increased volatility but it won't kill the bull market, Charles Schwab's Liz Ann Sonders says.

Start worrying about stocks if this happens

Stocks could be flashing a warning sign if the S&P 500 falls below a key level, Jim Iuorio says.

JPMorgan sees the S&P 500 sliding 6% — here's how it happens

Increased market volatility and rising long-term bond yields are raising risks for the S&P 500's leading sectors, Dubravko Lakos-Bujas said.

Beware: Defensives and cyclicals are both vulnerable, Deutsche Bank says

Equity investors may find few ports in the storm, as safe-haven stocks and cyclicals look vulnerable, David Bianco says.

Investors are 'still afraid of what happened in 2008,' JPMorgan's Callahan Erdoes says

Investors remain very wary after the global financial crisis, the CEO of a mammoth asset manager said Tuesday.

Relax: Moody's says Trump-Clinton fight won't affect credit rating

The U.S. has found out the hard way how political instability can affect creditworthiness.

Wall Street in holding pattern as investors await nonfarm payrolls

U.S. stock index futures indicated a flat open Friday as investors looked ahead to a crucial jobs report.

There's a successful hedge fund strategy that's bucking the $34 billion outflows

Investors pulled a net $34 billion from global hedge funds during the first half of 2016, according to research from data provider Preqin.

S&P 500 still the best bet even if US jobs disappoint, says UBS strategist

Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones snapped a multi-month winning streak in August but one strategist said there were few attractive alternatives.

Wall Street set for pause as investors eye jobs numbers

U.S. stock index futures indicated a flat open Wednesday as investors looked ahead to the ADP's private sector payroll report.

Prepare for a pullback and a disappointing earnings recovery, analysts warn

Stocks can rally into year-end, but equities look vulnerable heading into the U.S. presidential election, analysts say.

Strategist warns extremely valued dividend stocks will underperform

It's difficult to know at what point the trend will break, but the most important red flag will be wages, strategist Vadim Zlotnikov says.

Wall Street doesn't just see a Clinton win, it sees a landslide

Wall Street is pricing in a landslide for Clinton, but if she starts to lag, there could be a big unwinding in the markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch says.

Watch out for valuations when buying dividend stocks, experts warn

As investors have moved into dividend stocks in their search yield, one investment pro warned that they should always think about valuation.

The stock market just stepped into the 'danger' zone

Professional investors are getting really confident that the stock market will keep moving higher — maybe a little too confident.

Keep an eye on the market if you want to know who's going to win the election

A rising market between Aug. 1 and Oct. 31 would favor Hillary Clinton, while a decline would point to victory for Donald Trump.

Icahn reportedly looking to buy another energy company, and its shares leap

Through his company CVR Energy, Icahn is preparing a bid for Delek US Holdings, a Brentwood, Tennessee-based refiner, according to a report.

Earnings may not improve until 2017, says Deutsche Bank US strategy chief

U.S. stock prices have gotten ahead of themselves during a "silly" summer, Deutsche Bank Chief U.S. Equity Strategist David Bianco says.

Wall Street set to edge lower as Japan unveils fiscal stimulus

U.S. stock index futures indicated a lower open Tuesday as investors focused on hefty falls in Europe's banking sector and a new fiscal stimulus package from Japan.

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