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Trump praises 'Fox & Friends,' renews old feuds in early morning tweets

President Donald Trump volleyed a series of accusations on Twitter Monday morning, in the latest instance of him responding to reports on Fox News.

Unless The Government Acts Soon, Fake News Will Produce Deep Information Inequality

My team and I collected data on junk news. Our conclusion: voters didn't get the information they needed during the U.S. election.

How To Share Your Political Views On Social Media Without Losing Your Job

Don’t post racist, sexist, or homophobic content.

A major Supreme Court case could affect the way you access Twitter and Facebook

The law at issue in the case prevented sex offenders from using social networking sites, but legal scholars warn it could affect many marginalized groups.

Op-Ed: You're fired! How to decide when a tweet goes too far

One guy got fired for tweeting something insensitive about the Navy Seal widow Trump highlighted in his speech to Congress. When does a tweet go too far?

Sophisticated Bots Are Influencing The Debate Around Education

Education policy is not immune to fake news.

Why mainstream media should be thanking Trump

Not a day has gone by since entering the White House where President Donald Trump has not featured in the press. Perhaps the media should be grateful.

US visitors may have to hand over social media passwords

"We want to get on their social media with passwords: What do you do, what do you say?" Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said. NBC News reports.

Parents of refugee boy who looked annoyed at Trudeau town hall say PM is 'hero'

The Syrian refugee family of a boy photographed looking exasperated while sitting behind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says they feared their son had offended the PM, noting that the gesture could invite punishment in Syria. In fact, they say Trudeau is a "hero."

How mainstream media missed the march that social media turned into a phenomenon

The action was on Facebook, for people who wanted to know about the event.

God Bless America, Mourning in America: Duelling social media trends on inauguration day

As Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America on Friday, social media exploded with people reacting to the momentous event.

First Lady channels Jackie O, Conway dons 'Trump Revolutionary Wear'

Social media exploded Friday with people commenting on first lady Melania Trump’s outfit at her husband's inauguration ceremony, along with the outfits of Hillary Clinton, Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway. Much of the commentary was positive, expect when it came to Conway’s outfit.

How America's self-segregation is dividing the country

The abundance of choice made possible by technology makes it too easy for people to avoid each other.

Witnesses of Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting document event on social media

Witnesses of the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting have taken to social media to document the event.

Canadian arrested in Turkey for allegedly 'insulting' president

A Canadian woman has been arrested in Turkey for allegedly insulting the country's president in comments posted on Facebook, her Turkish lawyer said Thursday.

Canadian arrested in Turkey for 'insulting' president on social media: lawyer

A Canadian woman has been arrested in Turkey for allegedly insulting the country's president in comments posted on Facebook, her Turkish lawyer said Thursday.

China’s cybersecurity chiefs pledge total loyalty to leadership under Xi

The move points to tighter internet controls, the SMCP reports.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account is a security disaster waiting to happen

Twitter does not have any special security measures for politicians like Trump, according to several campaign social media managers, Buzzfeed reports.

10 must-have apps for your new iPad

If you found a new iPad waiting for you this holiday season, here are some apps you should absolutely consider downloading immediately.

Trump faces 'unpresidented' moment on Twitter

Trump misspelled "unprecedented" in his first tweet about China and the seized drone, and the Twitter universe had a field day with the gaffe.

German Law Would Require Facebook, Social Media to Delete Fake News, Hate Speech

Facebook and its social media peers would be required to swiftly remove fake news and hate speech from their platforms under a law proposed by senior German legislators aimed at addressing fears of meddling in next year’s parliamentary elections.

Why online activism is a more efficient way of protesting

In 2013, an online petition persuaded a...

'No more time left': Desperate pleas amid fierce fighting in Aleppo

Syrian refugees and citizen journalists are sharing bleak videos of the conditions in Aleppo, as tens of thousands attempt to flee the city amid the breakdown of a ceasefire between government and rebel forces.

Residents of Syria's Aleppo share tormented goodbyes online

First came the distress calls from doctors in underground shelters and morgues. Then residents under relentless bombardment in the few remaining blocks under rebel control in Aleppo began posting emotional goodbyes on social media and in widely circulated messages.

'No one is helping us': Syrian girl says goodbye as rebel-held Aleppo falls

A young Syrian girl is among the many in Aleppo bidding farewell to the world through social media, as Syrian military forces lay claim to the last rebel neighbourhoods in the besieged city.

Tony Blair: Social Media Transformed Global Politics

‘The alternative to a strongman can’t be a weak center,’ the former prime minister said at a moment when faith in democracy appears to be in decline.

Congrats and condemnations: Reaction to Donald 'Person of the Year' Trump

When Time Magazine announced Donald Trump was its 'Person of the Year' for 2016, social media exploded with messages of congratulations and condemnation that saw the hashtag #personoftheyear quickly begin trending in Canada and the United States.

These Charts Show the Most Influential People and Platforms of 2016

Our Thought Leaders Index maps which thinkers and sites are the most influential on the web.

Can algos trade Trump’s tweets? Absolutely. Maybe.

Donald Trump sent the Tweet heard 'round the defense industry Tuesday morning at exactly 35 seconds after 8:52 a.m.

This is who’ll host the 2017 Oscars

U.S. talk show host and comedian, Jimmy Kimmel is set to take on a new role in 2017, as the host of the next Academy Awards.

Trump on 'collision course' with China after insulting Beijing twice in 72 hours

U.S-China relations may take a turn for the worse after President-elect Donald Trump publicly insulted Beijing twice in a span of 72 hours.

Apple needs to hire some teens to help with its social media strategy

It's time for Apple to send its first tweet and make its first Facebook post.

Canada PM Trudeau ripped online for laudatory Fidel Castro tribute

Canada's prime minister was lampooned for his warm statement on Fidel Castro.

No holiday for political talk, social media posts suggest

Facebook and Twitter posts revealed some people still struggling to come to grips with Donald Trump's victory.

Op-Ed: Think Trump should stop the tweeting? Think again

The experts all say President-elect should cool it with the tweeting, Jake Novak does not agree.

Misinformation from Priebus sparks Trump to cancel NYT meeting, but then later backtrack

A planned meeting between the president-elect and the newspaper was abruptly canceled by Trump and then quickly rescheduled, the Times says.

The world's largest Muslim country turned fears of a Trump presidency into a social media meme-fest

In a developing country prone to natural and manmade disasters, Jakarta has used social media to see the funny side of things.

KING: No, Trump and Clinton are not two sides of the same coin

For all the talk that Clinton was a "status quo candidate," it now appears that Trump has drastically lowered the status quo bar.

How Pro-Trump Twitter Bots Spread Fake News

Using hashtags like #CrookedHillary and #TrumpTrain, automated networks of social-media bots disseminated erroneous information throughout the 2016 campaign, with Trump benefiting.

Fake news, mulchers at work, black cats facts: BEN Column, Nov. 18

The column that offers free advice, although it might not be worth the price

Fake Trump Quotes About Africans Have Blown Up On Facebook Thanks To Hoax Sites

In Africa, Donald Trump is believed to have said that Africans are lazy, that African immigrants in the United States should be deported, and that Africa...

Fed up with fake news, Facebook users are solving the problem with a simple list

Facebook is the world's most widely used service, connecting billions of people. It's also responsible for the mass spread of false news and information.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: ‘Without Twitter, you wouldn’t have President-elect Trump’

Marc Benioff says that Twitter is why Donald Trump was elected president and explains why he passed on acquiring the company, Recode reports.

Trump promises Twitter 'restraint' on '60 Minutes'...but vow doesn't last very long

"I'm going to be very restrained, if I use it at all, I'm going to be very restrained," Trump said in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," reports NBC News.

Social media honours veterans on Remembrance Day

Several Remembrance Day hashtags were trending in Canada on Friday, including #Rememberthem, #lestweforget, #Remembrance Day, #VeteransDay, #JourDuSovernir, #WeRemember and #remember, as Canadian citizens, organizations, sports teams and politicians on social media paid their respects to veterans.

Everything you need to know about ballot selfies, and where they're illegal

Every state has different laws about ballot selfies. Better to be safe than sorry.

Here's what people are searching for—and posting about—the election

The internet has played an unprecedented role in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, and Election Night was no exception.

Clergy on Twitter: A Sermon in 140 Characters

More ministers, priests and rabbis see Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a core part of their ministry; posting on martyrs and movies

Millennial registrations spiked this year but will they turn out to vote?

Social media platforms helped young people sign up to vote but turnout worries linger.

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