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Bombs Alone Won't Build A Stable Syria

We need to remember only Syrians can rebuild their country — no military action can do that.

Vladimir Putin is demanding an apology from me!

He kills civilians and oppresses his own people. But I'm the villain here? No way, Vlad.

Don't cry for Russia's slain envoy, who was Putin's lackey

Andrei Karlov was the public face of Russian dictatorship and war crimes.

Hungry & terrified civilians of Aleppo's Old City emerged from their cellars into a wasteland of ruins

Hungry and terrified civilians have emerged from their cellars into a wasteland of ruins.

Intense bombing of Aleppo kills 20: activists

Government bombardment of besieged rebel-held neighbourhoods in the northern city of Aleppo killed at least 20 people Saturday Syrian opposition activists said, a day after the health directorate said all hospital in opposition areas have been knocked out of service.

U.S. to accept Syrian refugees in greater numbers after slow start

The U.S. government intends to dramatically accelerate efforts to resettle refugees from the Syrian civil war and is preparing for a "surge" of thousands in each of the next few years, State Department officials announced this week.

France Razes ‘Jungle,’ but Whereabouts of Many Migrants Unknown

France declared success as wrecking crews razed the “Jungle” migrant camp, but only about half of the estimated 10,000 who stayed there were relocated. Others fled.

Aleppo Resident: 'In A Few Days, We Will Run Out Of Everything'

This Syrian city is overwhelmed by relentless bombing and weary from war, but we're determined to return and give them the aid and hope they deserve.

Dozens Of Airstrikes Hit Rebel-Held Aleppo In Syria

A fresh offensive has killed hundreds in the past week, according to monitors.

U.S. Special Forces to Aid Turkish Troops in Syria

The U.S. has sent about 40 special-operations troops to work alongside Turkish forces to fight the Islamic State in northern Syria.

Flow of foreign fighters plummets as Islamic State loses its edge

The decline comes amid defeats in Iraq and Syria. But it could portend a dangerous new phase.

Monitors And Rescue Workers Report Chlorine Attack In Aleppo

This is the second alleged chlorine attack in as many months.

Turkey-backed Syria rebels advance on U.S.-backed Kurds

Turkish military helping Syrian rebels fight ISIS, but they're also trying to push back U.S.-allied Kurdish forces

Kurds clash with Syrian government forces, blurring lines of friend and foe in civil war

For years, the Syrian government and U.S.-backed Kurdish forces shared control of Hasakah, a city in Syria’s northeast. But last week, the Kurdish militia known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, launched an assault on government-controlled areas of the city, activists said — marking a rift between onetime allies and further blurring the lines between the warring sides in Syria’s bloody internecine civil war.

Omran's brother dies of injuries after Aleppo airstrike

A doctor who treated the older brother of the Syrian boy pictured in Aleppo after an airstrike struck his home says the brother has died of his wounds.

The heartbreaking image of a little boy caught in a war

THIS is the heartbreaking image that reminds us all about the innocent victims, especially children, caught up in the middle of the Syrian war.

Trapped In Aleppo, I Fear For The Safety Of My Unborn Child

As head of a children's daycare center run by the international non-governmental organization SOS-Kinderdorf (SOS Children's Villages), it is my job to h...

Incendiary weapons that violate international law are being used in the Syrian war, report says

First, fire falls from the sky. Then come the excruciating burns and the flames that refuse to be extinguished.

The Syrian ‘miracle baby’ rescuer has been killed in Aleppo

Khaled Omar Harah was featured in a viral video showing him pulling a baby from the rubble of a building.

A Syrian city has gone without running water for five days, U.N. says

Two million people in Aleppo haven’t had access to running water since Friday, according to the United Nations. Fighting between government and opposition forces has damaged the electricity networks required to pump water throughout the Syrian city, the UN's children's agency, UNICEF, said in a statement Tuesday.

Two million people in Aleppo have lost access to running water

The Syrian city has now been without running water for four days, according to the U.N.

Syrian Rebels Claim To Break Assad's Siege Of Aleppo

Pro-government media outlets denied the claim as intense fighting continues.

Meet the Saudi cleric who's rallying Syrian rebels

Reclining on a drab, olive-colored couch wearing army fatigues and a checkered red-and white kuffiyah, Abdullah Muhaisini announced that “in a few hours, the greatest epic battle of the Syrian jihad” would begin. The Saudi cleric had risen from obscurity over the last few years to sit at the apex of the Syrian insurgency’s jihadi circles. 

The Plight Of Syria’s Star-Crossed Lovers

Syrian women living in the government-controlled province of Latakia must decide between love and danger if they are to marry the men of their choosing –...

Syrian rebels backed by U.S. and Saudi Arabia accused of torture

Amnesty International documented 24 cases of abduction in Aleppo and Idlib governorates.

Turks Step Up To Help The Injured And Stranded In Wake Of Istanbul Triple Suicide Bombing

“It shows me that humanity isn’t lost,” said one woman working at a blood donation center where hundreds of people lined up until the morning.

Undeterred by winter, Syrian refugees flock to a Turkish city for risky boat trips to Europe

In the courtyard of a humble mosque, volunteers brandish garbage bags packed with canned food and medical supplies, dispensing the contents to Syrians hunkered down in this coastal city.

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