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Canada's largest school board will end class trips to the U.S. due to Trump's travel restrictions

Canada's largest school board will no longer book any trips to the U.S. because of fears students might have trouble at the border due to travel restrictions

Indian athlete who got high-level help for U.S. visa now accused of sexual assault

The athlete was attending the world snowshoe championships in upstate New York.

Trump’s revised travel ban facing increasing legal challenges

Legal challenges against President Donald Trump's revised travel ban mounted Thursday as Washington state said it would renew its request to block the executive order.

Hawaii becomes first US state to sue over Donald Trump's revised travel ban

Hawaii has become the first US state to file a lawsuit against Trump's revised travel ban.

Hawaii will become the first state to challenge Trump's new travel ban in court

Hawaii said it would seek a temporary restraining order against Trump's new travel ban.

Hawaii was the first state to challenge Trump's new travel ban — here's why it says the order is still unconstitutional

State attorneys say the order will cause "grave injury" to Muslims and affect the state's tourism-based economy.

Trump's travel ban contains a tool that could change how the U.S. conducts foreign policy

In his new travel ban, President Trump ordered a "worldwide review" to determine if other countries should be added to the ban. That could create leverage

Goodale wants answers from U.S. on 'risky' movement of would-be refugees

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says he will use a meeting Friday with his U.S. counterpart to try to find out who is organizing the risky movement of would-be refugees into Canada in the dead of winter.

Hawaii becomes first state to sue to stop Trump’s new travel ban

Experts say challenge is structured like the one form Washington state that got first ban put on hold

Donald Trump signs revised travel ban targeting those seeking new visas

Trump's directive aims to address legal issues with the original order

Trump's new travel ban explicitly says it's not about banning Muslims

Critics of the president's first temporary immigration order characterized it as a "Muslim ban," and at least one federal judge agreed.

Trump's revised travel ban excludes Iraq and people with current visas — and it takes effect March 16

A fact sheet about the order was distributed to lawmakers and obtained by The Associated Press.

Trump's new travel ban executive order is unveiled

The Trump administration unveiled revised travel ban executive order Monday

Trump's new travel ban executive order removes Iraq from list of banned countries

President signs a new executive order that will impose a 90-day ban on the issuance of new visas to people from six predominantly Muslim nations

U.S. President Trump signs revised travel order

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday signed a new version of his controversial travel ban, aiming to withstand court challenges while still barring new visas for citizens from six Muslim-majority countries and shutting down the U.S. refugee program.

Trump to announce new travel ban order next week

The immigration order, issued on Jan. 27, led to confusion in U.S. airports and prompted international protests and complaints from businesses.

Immigrants skip work, school to protest Trump policy

Activists called on immigrants to stay home from work, avoid shopping and skip classes in "A Day Without Immigrants," an effort to highlight the vital role they play in American society.

DHS Secretary: Trump administration considering ‘more streamlined’ version of travel ban

The new order would potentially allow entry to travelers who were already on planes bound for the U.S., but bar those who had not yet boarded.

Trump is giving up on the old travel ban, says a new one will come next week

The administration attacked the decision in Thursday's court filing, saying the three-judge panel misunderstood the scope of the order.

3 SCOTUS Cases To Set Guidelines For Trump's Treatment Of Non-Citizens

The rulings will come against the backdrop of the President's Muslim travel ban.

What Trump’s travel ban means to one new U.S. citizen

Iraqi Layth Baheej became a U.S. citizen five days after Trump signed his travel ban. Will his Iraqi family be able to join him?

Court's ruling on travel ban is the kind of setback that prompts presidents to make big changes. Will Trump?

When other presidents were dealt the kind of jolting setback that President Trump received from the courts this week, they learned from those moments to alter their approaches to the job.

An interrupted journey ends in a new life in the U.S. for Syrian refugee family

Dense desert fog enveloped Queen Alia International Airport outside Amman, Jordan. Zohri A., a Syrian mechanic who was about to fly to the United States with his wife and four children for refugee resettlement, waited nervously to learn whether their flight to Chicago would take off as scheduled. 

Trump travel ban opponents look to score win in Virginia

Virginia attorney general seeks to rack up another legal victory against controversial measure

Washington's top lawyer uses strategic streak to fight Trump

The legal challenge that would launch Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson into the vanguard of resistance against U.S. President Donald Trump's travel ban was already in the works as Ferguson flew home from Florida the morning after Trump issued his executive order.

We're keeping track of the major events of Trump's third week in office

Week three of President Donald Trump ’s presidency has only just begun, and it’s already packed full of notable moments. We’ll try to help you keep track of the major events:

U.S. federal judges express skepticism about Trump travel ban

A panel of appeals court judges reviewing President Donald Trump's travel ban hammered away Tuesday at the federal government's arguments that the ban was motivated by concerns about terrorism, but also questioned an attorney who said it unconstitutionally targeted Muslims.

Appeals court hearing on Trump travel ban - live blog

After a tumultuous few days for President Trump's controversial travel ban, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments from both sides and will issue a decision soon

Homeland Security secretary: The chaotic rollout of Trump's travel ban is 'all on me'

President Trump 's Homeland Security secretary took responsibility Tuesday for the haphazard rollout of Trump's restrictions on entry into the U.S., a striking claim because he was largely left out of the crafting of the order.

The law backs a president's power on immigration. Here's where the travel ban differs

Even before Donald Trump  entered the White House , many were predicting federal courts would serve as an important check on his use of presidential power, particularly given his aggressive style and a GOP -led Congress that has so far been loath to confront him.

Trump travel ban faces biggest legal test yet

U.S. President Donald Trump's travel ban faced its biggest legal test yet Tuesday as a panel of federal judges prepared to hear arguments from the administration and its opponents about two fundamentally divergent views of the executive branch and the court system.

Washington state, Minnesota, 97 tech companies file to fight Trump’s travel ban

Washington, Minnesota tell federal appeals court restoring ban would "unleash chaos again"; Justice Dept. must answer by late-day

Anti-Trump protests dominate start of his presidency

The demonstrations are part of an effort to disrupt even the most basic of Trump's presidential functions

The Trump travel ban: How to keep track of the legal battles

Here's a timeline and guide to the legal challenges to the Trump travel ban

US visa holders hurry to board flights to US amid travel ban reprieve

Visa holders from countries affected by US president Donald Trump's travel ban have hurried to board US-bound flights after a federal judge temporarily halted the block.

The federal judge Trump slammed on Twitter is known for his conservative views

Trump's insults are unlikely to sway Judge Robart, according to those who know him.

Canadian law students to unite to study issues raised by Trump refugee ban

A U.S. court decision to temporarily block U.S. President Trump's controversial travel ban makes the work of Canadian law students trying to help people navigate the measure more important than ever, an organizer says.

872 refugees to be allowed into US despite travel ban

A total of 872 refugees will be allowed into the United States this week.

Trump administration signals that some bans on U.S. entry could be extended indefinitely

The Trump administration signaled Tuesday that some of the temporary bans on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries are likely to be extended indefinitely and elevated a deportations official to run the nation’s top immigration enforcement agency as it pushed further to dramatically restrict U.S. immigration policy.

EU chief sees Trump announcements as threats

The leader of the European Union put longtime ally the United States in a "threat" category on Tuesday, insisting that President Donald Trump is contributing to the "highly unpredictable" outlook for the bloc.

Fact check: Trump claims on travel ban misleading, wrong

In the face of widespread criticism, U.S. President Donald Trump has staunchly defended his order temporarily banning refugees and nearly all citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. But in a statement Sunday and tweets Monday, Trump misstated the facts multiple times.

Canadian law professors say U.S. no longer safe for refugees

A group of Canadian law professors is calling on Ottawa to suspend an agreement with the U.S. requiring refugees to seek protection in the first safe country they arrive in, a request prompted by fears of rising hostility towards immigrants and refugees under President Donald Trump.

Trump's travel ban having 'profound' impact on Canadian research, academics says

Universities Canada says the immigration ban in the United States is already having a "real, immediate and profound" impact on research partnerships, international students, academic conference participation and field visits, as well as family relationships.

Immigration order playing well to Trump fans around the nation

Red state residents applaud controversial executive order that sparked protests in big cities

Congressional leaders blindsided, scrambling on refugee ban

Republican, Democratic lawmakers say they were given little warning about immigration shake-up

Protesters across U.S. denounce Trump immigration order

President's immigration order sows outrage across the country as protesters rally outside White House, in New York City and elsewhere

Fact check: Donald Trump's claims over travel ban

In the face of widespread criticism, US president Donald Trump has staunchly defended his order temporarily banning refugees and nearly all citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Taoiseach orders 'complete review' of US preclearance in Ireland

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said he has ordered a “complete review” of US preclearance in Ireland after the President Trump's controversial clamp down on immigration last weekend.

US Customs in Dublin and Shannon implement Trump's travel ban

Latest: Members of the Independent Alliance have called for an urgent review of how Donald Trump's travel ban is implemented at US Immigration controls in Dublin and Shannon Airports.

Pakistan lifts travel ban on journalist

A Pakistani minister says the government has lifted a travel ban imposed on a prominent journalist after he published what they called a fabricated story about a high level security meeting.

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