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Trump’s calls for Europe to increase defense spending could force other upheaval

Some nations face budget limits, while Germany’s army would drastically expand.

Trump officials might be expecting E.U. to fall apart this year, U.S. envoy says

The outgoing U.S. ambassador said it is “lunacy” to support the European Union’s collapse.

EU Ministers to Huddle Over Donald Trump Policy on Iran, Russia

European foreign ministers, unnerved by the election of Donald Trump as president, plan to huddle on how to handle relations with the U.S. over key issues like Russia and Iran at an emergency dinner called for Sunday night.

Trump’s election is being celebrated by Europe’s far-right

Anti-immigrant parties say they will be next to upend a post-Cold War globalized world order.

Amid fears of Trump, Europe tries to make its security less dependent on the U.S.

E.U. leaders will discuss proposals for more defense cooperation and even a European army.

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