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Trump’s calls for Europe to increase defense spending could force other upheaval

Some nations face budget limits, while Germany’s army would drastically expand.

Russians drink champagne to celebrate Trump’s inauguration

Trump's promises to fix ravaged relations with Moscow have elated Russia's political elite.

Russia says it doesn’t gather dirt on others, but history of ‘kompromat’ says otherwise

The Kremlin called claims of a dossier on Donald Trump “absolute fantasy.”

Donald Trump holds first post-election press conference - live updates

The president-elect is sure be asked about unverified reports that Russia has gathered potentially compromising information on him

Republicans call for Russian hack crackdown; Trump laughs it off

This could be cyberwar — but the next President doesn’t seem to care.

Ukraine’s leader says he still has U.S. support after Trump election

But E.U. leaders were more guarded, amid concerns U.S. will shift on Russia and Ukraine.

European leaders, NATO caution Trump on warming relations with Russia

A day after Trump spoke to Putin, officials say dialogue is fine — just don’t forget principles.

In ‘Little Moscow,’ Russians helped Donald Trump’s brand survive the recession

Real estate agents say investors from the former Soviet Union are drawn to his brand and image.

The Kremlin may savor Trump – but still might prefer Clinton

In Moscow, the Republican seems Russia-friendly, but disconcertingly unpredictable.

DNC Hack Prompts Questions About Trump's Ties to Russia

The massive email hack on the Democratic National Committee, purportedly by Russian government agents, has drawn new and unwanted attention to longstanding ties between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Russian business interests. “The hack at least seems to have come from Russian...

Trump’s Russia adviser criticizes U.S. for ‘hypocritical focus on democratization’

Carter Page’s remarks veered sharply from the views of the Obama administration and traditional GOP policy circles.

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