Five lesser-known features of the Apple Watch

SINCE its release in April last year, the Apple Watch has failed to gain any real momentum.

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Since its release in April last year, the Apple Watch has failed to gain any real momentum.

SINCE its release in April last year, the Apple Watch has failed to gain any real momentum.

Like many others, I resisted the urge to purchase the product because it felt like an expensive gimmick with no real purpose.

I felt some of the features it offered were impressive, but for the most part they were not enough to get me to swap from a classic analog timepiece.

Although, with the next generation Apple Watch to be released next month, this original model will become much cheaper for people to purchase.

So if price was your only issue, here are five reasons why it might soon be time to get an original Apple Watch.


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Some of the different bands available for the Apple Watch.Source:Supplied

IT might now be able to look like a Tag Heuer, but the Apple Watch offers a high level of customisation.

Firstly, users can select a case made from anodised aluminium or one made with elegantly durable stainless steel — both come in two different sizes and a variety of finishes.

After choosing a case, users can select one of the many easily interchangeable woven nylon, fluoroelastomer, stainless steel or leather bands to instantly change the look of Apple Watch.

Additionally, the watch faces can be easily changed from the way they look to the information you choose to display on them.
This means you could have a simple analog screen or a digital screen with a plethora of different information.


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Never have to take your phone on a workout ever again.Source:Supplied

While the Apple Watch comes with an Activity app providing a snapshot of your daily activity, this is not the best feature for those with an active lifestyle.

Users can use their Apple Watch to listen to Apple Music from their iPhone, but sometimes runners or gym junkies would prefer to leave their smartphone at home.

Understanding this feature, Apple made it possible for users to listen to music straight from the watch without the need for an iPhone.

To make the possible, users will need to sync a pair of Bluetooth headphones to the Apple Watch.

They then create a playlist in Apple Music, sync it to the device and will be able to play the music offline, directly from the Apple Watch.


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Sometimes it is almost impossible to find your iPhone at home. This will help.Source:Getty Images

Because no one owns a home phone anymore, finding a lost phone when you are home alone can be a real hassle.

Other than hitting a friend up on Facebook Messenger to prank your iPhone so you can find it, there are not many options.

To save the frustrations of trying to locate your smartphone, the Apple Watch comes equipped with a “ping feature”.

By pressing a button on the Apple Watch, a short pinging sound will be emitted from the iPhone, so users can easily find it — the sound will play even if the phone is in silent mode.

Even more impressive, if users tap and hold the ping button, the iPhone will flash its LED light as it plays the pinging sound.


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When you don’t want to answer a call, you can handle it from your Apple Watch.Source:Supplied

There is nothing worse than sitting in a quite meeting or cinema, only to hear your iPhone ringing.

Instead of reaching into your handbag or pocket to remove your iPhone, which lets everyone know you were the person the didn’t have their device on silent, the Apple Watch has a solution.

By simply covering the screen of their Apple Watch for three seconds, users will be able to mute the call from the iPhone.

This feature also works by muting the dinging sounds emitted by the Apple Watch when you receive a new message or notification.


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The Apple Watch is splash and water resistant, but not waterproof.Source:Supplied

With technology on your wrist, it could be a real concern if you sweat during exercise or are ever caught out in the rain.

Thankfully, the Apple Watch is splash and water resistant, but not waterproof.

This means it can handle water, although submerging the Apple Watch for long periods or wearing it swimming isn’t recommended.

So while swimmers or triathletes might struggle with the watch, most others can rest easy knowing it can get wet and still function.


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To buy or not to buy?Source:Supplied

While I still hold my beliefs that the watch is an unnecessary gadget looking for a purpose, there are some remarkable features that could sway people toward the product.

Much of this comes down to my preference over a classic watch, but if these products are being sold for cheap to make room for the Apple Watch 2, it could be worth your time and money.

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