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Will Donald Trump get a second Supreme Court nomination?

If Democrats thought it was hard to stop President Donald Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, it promises to be even tougher for them if he gets to fill another vacancy.

"Hazing" rituals await Supreme Court's "junior justice" Neil Gorsuch

As the newest Supreme Court justice he will be called on to open doors and sit on the cafeteria committee.

Stocks close lower as Trump keeps Wall Street nervous; dollar drops sharply

U.S. equities fell as investors assessed the geopolitical landscape. The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 70 points in midday trade.

Stocks close lower; Dow and S&P post biggest 1-day reversal in 14 months after Fed minutes

U.S. stocks erased earlier gains to close lower Wednesday after the Federal Reserve released the minutes from its March meeting.

Spicer offends with gassing remark comparing Hitler and Syria's Assad

The outrage on social media was swift, with reporters and public figures alike pointing out how wrong Spicer's comments were, NBC News reports.

Trump administration lifts hiring freeze

The federal hiring freeze imposed by President Trump in January is slated to be lifted Wednesday, but agencies won't be allowed to hire willy-nilly, the president's chief budget officer said.

Don't see Trump rally ending any time in the immediate future, expert says

Oliver Pursche explains why he's still investing in this market.

There's no reason for the market to fall apart, expert says

Even if President Donald Trump doesn't get his agenda enacted, the market can still rise, expert David Waddell said.

Investors would be making a mistake if they did this, expert says

You'll be a lousy investor if you try and follow what's going on in D.C. on a minute-by-minute basis, Evan Newmark says.

These Trump-rally leaders have 'round-tripped' and are now a buy, Tom Lee says

Fundstrat's Tom Lee explains why he likes energy and financials, and why he thinks the market may have more of a pullback.

Here's what Trump's senior White House employees are worth

The White House documents show a group of some of the wealthiest people ever to join a presidential administration.

“They’re not different, they’re just kids,” Oklahoma man creates t-ball league for special needs children

KAY COUNTY, Okla. - Life can sometimes throw curve balls, and the playing field is not always even. It is often not how you play a game, but why? These are lessons far greater than any number on the scoreboard. "If you go to anything in this community, a baseball game, a football game,” Jayme Moss said. “Those kids are the kids you see in the bleachers cheering the loudest and the happiest, and he just thought there was a need for these kids to be able to play a game of their own."

Update: Widow uses smart phone to record crew doing damage to her backyard

Update 3/17/17 - Our In Your Corner team has new information involving local tree trimmer, Jesse Hackney. The convicted felon is accused of using shady tactics to get paid. Nash Raquel says he keeps trying to bully her. “Had to finally call 911 because he was banging on my windows,” she said. “I thought he was going to break the windows. I was very afraid.”

Newlyweds both contract brain-invading parasite during honeymoon

HAWAII – A California couple's honeymoon to Hawaii left them in agony after both newlyweds contracted rat lungworm disease, according to KGMB-TV. Ben Manilla, 64, and Eliza Lape, 57, got married on Maui in January, then spent two weeks in the island's remote Hana area for their honeymoon. Lape told the station she felt something was wrong before they even left Hawaii, likening the symptoms to "somebody taking a hot knife and just stabbing me in different parts of my body."

EPA head Scott Pruitt wonders what all the fuss is about over carbon dioxide

The EPA chief says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming.

Guns in America: Bill seeks to reverse a decades-old ban on gun-violence research

A congresswoman from Florida takes a step toward eliminating a decades-old ban on gun-violence research.

LGBTQ veterans slam organizers for barring group from Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade

“These people don’t recognize where we are in history. They’re still living in 1995.”

Gloria Steinem's next chapter: Educating girls in rural Africa

Gloria Steinem spent International Women's Day encouraging girls' education.

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