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Reborn in the USA: Inside a citizenship ceremony

After years of patience-testing paperwork, 89 people proudly stepped into the future as American citizens.

'Day Without Immigrants' shuts down businesses

How would the US deal without immigrants for a day? Cities across the country got a taste of that Thursday as businesses shut down and immigrants refused to spend money on "A Day Without Immigrants."

Defamation lawsuit against Cosby dismissed

A federal judge in Massachusetts dismissed a defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby by Katherine McKee, an actress who claimed he raped her in 1974.

'Guardian angel' rescues woman trapped in a burning car

Woman's car loses power and catches fire, leaving her alone and trapped because the door locks won't work. A police officer breaks a window and rescues her.

More rain in store after 5 killed in California storms

Northern California braced for an onslaught of rain as the southern part of the state dries out following downpours that left at least five people dead.

Japanese-Americans recall WWII prison camps

An exhibit in Los Angeles marks the 75th anniversary of the executive order authorizing the World War II incarceration of Japanese-Americans in prison camps.

'Dreamer' arrest: Detainee denies gang remarks

Lawyers for immigrant Daniel Ramirez, arrested and facing deportation despite his DACA status, dispute ICE claims about his case, including his alleged admission that he was a gang member.

Robert Durst case: Prosecutors fear for witnesses

At a pretrial hearing in the Robert Durst murder case, where he is charged in the 2000 death of Susan Berman, prosecutors said they fear for witnesses' safety. One witness entered with a bodyguard.

GOP targets state's retirement plans for workers

The sponsors of the House-endorsed bill have been heavily supported by donations from the finance industry.

Leaked tapes reveal Donald Trump among the 'special people' at his NJ golf club

The newly elected president is chummy among the club members, joking about inviting them along on Cabinet interviews.

Why the panic over Social Security is overblown

Small fixes will leave the entitlement healthy for years to come.

Republicans brace for protests during week at home—the ones holding public events, at least

Many in Congress are ducking public events, despite demands from constituents.

What Harry Truman and Richard Nixon can teach us about how to investigate Trump and Russia

The art of the congressional investigation is a fine one, and the GOP is blowing it.

Trump returns to campaign-style events to shore up support after setbacks

He has replaced Hillary Clinton, his former Democratic presidential rival, with a new foil: newspapers and TV news outlets that have reported unflattering revelations of dysfunction or other problems in the White House.

John McCain says Trump White House in 'disarray'

"I think that the Flynn issue obviously is something that shows that in many respects this administration is in disarray and they've got a lot of work to do," said McCain.

GM to test thousands of self-driving cars for Lyft in 2018

Most of the specially equipped versions of the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle will be used by San Francisco-based Lyft, which will test them in its ride-sharing fleet in several states.

Senate confirms Trump's controversial EPA pick

The nomination of Pruitt, who sued the EPA more than a dozen times on behalf of his oil-producing state and has doubted the science of climate change, sparked widespread concern in progressive circles, and has upset many former and current agency employees.

Here’s how 91 experts ranked Barack Obama among all presidents

The Hawaii-born ex-president gets the number 12 slot, Lincoln is still at number one and George W. Bush's ranking improves.

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