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Basque group ETA hands over weapons, ammunition and explosives to France

Basque group ETA hands over large cache of weapons to France

Syrian ally Iran blasts U.S. missile strikes as 'dangerous, destructive and a violation of international law'

The Islamic republic, a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, said that while it condemned the use of chemical weapons, the U.S. response would strengthen terrorists.

India tries to clean up the holy city of Varanasi, but buffaloes and humans stand in the way

A government effort to spruce up one of Hinduism's holiest sites has made only superficial progress in three years. The Ganges river, considered holy to bathe in, runs thick with untreated waste.

Virgin Voyages marks start of construction of first ship slated to debut in 2020

Richard Branson's new cruise venture marks steel-cutting for its first ship at Fincantieri shipyard in Italy.

Cruise line executives remain bullish about industry growth

The cruise industry has come a long way in 10 years and leaders see more growth on tap barring no major geo-political or cruise-related incident occurs to derail current momentum.

What you don't know about 401(k) fees is costing you big time

Administrative and investment fees can take a big bite out of returns earned in 401(k) accounts and dramatically reduce nest eggs accumulated over decades.

Why that investor-protection rule matters to you and your investments

The conversation around the now-delayed fiduciary rule creates a timely opportunity to ask the right questions of your financial advisor.

A ‘back door’ Roth IRA strategy benefits high earners

By taking advantage of the back-door IRA strategy, high-income earners can have more tax-free funds available in retirement.

Are you a millennial in need of some money lessons? Here is Retirement Saving 101

When you're just out of college, planning for retirement can be overwhelming, especially if you're not familiar with financial terminology.

Investment Psychology 101: Don’t let emotions influence your investing decisions

To maximize wealth accumulation over our lives, it is critical to understand our "intrapsychic" systems, solve for them and manage them over time.

Financial advisors vs. financial counselors: What's the difference?

"Financial counseling" is making its way into mainstream financial advising. Here's how it could gain you referrals.

The race is on to stop a Zika virus epidemic in the US

Biotech companies are rushing to genetically modify mosquitoes that are expected to spread this deadly virus throughout America this year.

Iceland's genetic goldmine, and the man behind it

Companies around the world are closely following the genetics research begun by Kari Stefansson in Iceland two decades ago.

The land of the Vikings may hold the cure for cancer

Iceland is deciphering the genetic codes of its citizens to learn what factors can cause a form of blood cancer in a race for a cure.

After $4 billion pours in, a gold fund runs into a big problem

A popular gold miner ETF is finding it difficult to match its index after $4 billion from investors poured in amid the big bullion rally.

Op-Ed: Dollar rallies from trend line support, Syria missile strike helps

Is the U.S. dollar sailing north with the U.S. fleet?

Op-Ed: Shanghai index consolidation uptrend stronger than expected

The Shanghai Index consolidation retest of the uptrend was stronger than expected.

CNBC survey: Trump's agenda is popular, until he acts on it

Just 39 percent of those surveyed approve of how Trump is doing his job.

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